Bounty Reward - 100-200 PIRL

Many writing talents have being showing around the Pirl lands.

Sharing their written pieces about the project and its related technology.

We would like reward your contribution on raising awareness and educating people interested in Pirl and anything related!


  • Articles must be longer than 200 words

  • Articles must be posted on a 3rd party media - Blog/Medium/Website/Steemit

  • Any subject accepted as long as its related to blockchain technology and Pirl

  • Any language articles accepted


  • Write an article related to Pirl

  • Contact @Fawkes on Discord to submit! Join Discord

  • Receive your bounty!


Pirl Team has the right to disapprove:

  • Low quality articles.

  • Articles with incorrect information.

  • Articles that do not comply with the requirements.