Bounty Reward - 100 PIRL

A major part of the Pirl marketing is relaying on the team and the community.

We have identified a lot of fresh and thoughtful ideas coming from the Pirlians!

We would like to turn this into a process and reward your contribution!


  • Detail the proposal as much as possible!

  • Include budgets - Do not forget, we are in a bear market and have no ICO. Proposals that can be carried with own efforts or budgets in PIRL will be prefered!

  • Use common sense! Keep it realistic!


  • Make a copy or download the template

  • Fill In the details of your proposal!

  • Contact @Dptelecom | Official PirlTeam#7828 on Discord to submit! Join Discord

  • Receive your bounty!


Pirl Team has the right to disapprove

  • Proposals with Insufficient details

  • Unrealistic Proposals

  • Proposals which are not submitted in the requested format