Overview Carbonvote Mechanism

1) Who should vote?
We believe the legitimate voters should be players who have pirls in their wallets.
2) So we are going to count heads?
No. We are going to count coins, in this case, pirls. How many pirls you have, how many votes you have.
3) How to vote?
Simply, send a 0-Pirl transaction from your wallet to the YES or NO address. The transaction itself serves as a message of the vote. The pirls under the from address of the transaction will be considered a unanimous batch of ballots that support or oppose the proposal of a hard fork. For the transactions to be done successfully, a minimum amount of transaction fee of 30,000 gas (0.0006 Pirl) is required.
Your pirls are safe in your wallets. We won’t collect or lock money.
4) How’s the vote counted?
dynamically calculates the Pirls that has gone to the two sides as the vote is going on.
So you can change your mind, you can overwrite your vote by resending your message or move the Pirl from the addresses that have participated so as to suggest that you are abstaining from the vote as the Pirl won’t be able to be counted as votes anymore.


  • An Pirl wallet
  • Keystore files
  • a minimum amount of transaction fee of 30,000 gas (0.0006 Pirl) is required.

How do you vote? two options:

Vote on the website https://pirlvote.com/#/

First think what you want to vote and than make a choice:

Make your choice and hit the

On the next screen you will see this

Hit the choose File to upload your keystore file

If you are a Nautilus wallet user your keystore files are normally here to find: Windows keystore

MacOs keystore

Keystore files look like this starting with the UTC

More info can be found here:

Backup your keystore

select the utc you want to use make sure there is at least enough in the wallet to pay for the gas

Fill in your Password and hit SUBMIT

At the bottom of the website you will see the TX-Hash

Done you did first vote and can now continue with the other wallets you maybe have.

Vote with these Pirl wallets

You can use these wallets:

The Nautilus wallet

To vote is like a normal transaction you pick the contract address of your choice:

1 ) Option 1

No: Don’t touch anything and wait the liquidator process, take the risk to take hard loss (think 7 million coins being dumped)


2 ) Option 2

Yes: Fork to prevent dumping and lock the cryptopia address funds to untouchable one like 0x2222222222222222222222222222222222222222 .


For the transactions to be done successfully, a minimum amount of transaction fee of 30,000 gas (0.0006 Pirl) is required.

And done thank you for your votes
The PirlTeam

together strong

Q: cryptopia wallet votes, will it count?
A: exchanges wallet are blacklisted

Q: Does my vote count if i see the choice i want make is already winning?
A: Yes is can come as close as 1 vote can be de deciding factor.

Q: How long we can vote?
A: Voting closes on: dd-mm-year