Pirl Community!

Winter is coming. So is the anticipated fork for Pirl. More security, higher rewards, more innovation. Sometimes bad things happen for a good reason.

What do we introduce to the network with the fork?


The fork will give birth to an innovative solution against a well-known problem in blockchain infrastructure.

Pirl has developed and successfully tested a penalty system which directly impacts the mechanics of a 51% attack making it hard and unworthy to achieve. Any attempt on double spending on Pirl network after the update will have a failure rate of approximately 99.997%.

As extra security layers, notary contracts will be deployed both on Pirl and Ethereum chains. These layers are being added to make sure that if someone by a very slim approximate 0.003% chance manages to succeed with a future 51% attack they will be unable to liquidate their balance accrued from the attack.

Just to be completely sure, there is also a monitoring system going into place that will notify us if someone is attempting an attack. So we can follow their status.

Complete details on the security and source code will be available after the successful fork.

Difficulty Adjustments

In order to consolidate fixes and limiting the amount of forks needed to perform different tasks we have also been using this time to test new difficulty settings with the goal of more accurate block times. Our new difficulty setting also being initiated in this fork should bring us closer to the 13s block time target. As a result of this more accurate block time we will see an increase of rewards. The expected daily reward gains are approximately 23.52% for both our miners and masternode owners.

###v Super Block Detailed information here: Attack Aftermath & Securing Funds

When will the new node be provided, what is the action plan?

-The hulk security update node will be brought to light on Tuesday, November 13th a mandatory update for all the masternode and pool operators. -After the node is made available everyone will have to be done with the node update by November 17th -The fork will take place @ block 2442442 estimated to occur on November 20th based on current block time. -Exchanges shall reopen shortly after successful fork and node update.

What do I have to do as a Pirl User?

As Pirl User, you will get a wallet update which you will have to download and install. The wallet will notify you about a new update. Just simply download and install the update and you are ready to go.

Note: Web wallet will be updated on our side.

What do I have to do as a Pirl Node Operator?

As node operator or pool admin, you will have to update your node. If you don’t do this, Pirl will fork and you will not be part of the main network. It is vital that you update your node at the time of the fork.

What do I have to do as a Masternode Operator?

One-Click Masternodes DO NOT require any action! They will be updated automatically by Poseidon. The owners of a Manual setup masternode need to update their masternode by installing the new binaries. We recommend that you install the new binaries as soon as possible.

Binaries will be available Downloads



Pirl Team