Pirl Community!

A 51% attack on the Pirl network was identified on 10/14/2018.

Once the attack was mitigated, we took the necessary steps to completely lock out the attackers and make sure that the exchange wallets were safe. We are now just steps away from deploying our remedial actions to the Pirl Blockchain, which will help prevent this kind of attack from happening in the future.

How ? (by using the HULK)

The network security solution we code named “Hulk” will now be tested on the PirlTestNetowrk

if you want to participate in the future grow and security you can join in with you hash power:

PirlTestNetwork Pool.

PirlTestNetwork Stats.

how to setup mining


The testnetwork is not paying real Pirl because its a testnetwork keep this in mind!!!

The information above is far from detailed but, in order to be safe until “Hulk” first step is implemented, we will keep the blueprints of our security private.

We are extremely happy to have your support, reading the messages in discord have done a lot for the team motivation during the entire operation.

This is just a quick update, more information will follow!



Pirl Team