Getting Pirl for Writing Knowledge Base (KB) Articles


The PIRL philosophy focuses on involving community participation. We need lots of help writing KBs for PIRL. Many of us use PIRL products on a daily basis and have the know how to help others, who are just getting into the PIRL ecosystem. We can help onboard these people and we can also scratch our own itches by showing the community the correct way things are done. The PIRL project is willing to compensate all technical writers with PIRL for making these amazing contributions to the documentation spine of the project.

How Contributing Works

  1. Make sure you’re familiar with “markdown” markup. Also, familiarize yourself with our Style Guide.
  2. You can either choose to write a new KB or improve an existing one:
    • For New KBs you will get between 50 PIRL and 100 PIRL depending on length and quality.
    • For Improving existing KBs with useful details, you will get between 10 PIRL and 50 PIRL, depending on the details of the edit and its quality.
    • (note: all payouts are at editorial discretion)
  3. Once you’re ready to write, reference our How to contribute guide to setup your working environment.
  4. Depending on your comfort level with GitLab:
    • You can either request the merging of your article yourself at
    • You can contact @Dptelecom | Official PirlTeam#7828 in the Pirl Discord with your article submission.
  5. Once you submit the KB, contact same for payment.

This is a community feedback oriented project. Feel free to contact @Dptelecom | Official PirlTeam#7828 in the Pirl Discord should you have any questions or suggestions.

Author(s): @Dptelecom