Round Table Philosophie von PIRL

We in PIRL believe that an active and loyal community is a healthy core of every successful blockchain based project. Thanks to your ideas and constructive critique we can improve, enhance, ameliorate. Thanks to the cardinality of active members we have around our self we can sense the feeling our community cares. At the roundtable, you have great opportunity to reach the developers, high to mid-range managers and mainly the CEO. Thanks to the Round Table sessions which we set for every Saturday afternoon at 11 AM EST (after 5 pm CET), we can show you that we do care as well.

Come to the Round Table where the voice of each community member has the same value and let us know what your future wishes and momentary doubts are. Come to hear our feedback to your recent contribution and let us reward you for your initiative work we appreciated and welcomed so much. We are looking forward to meeting you there.


  • Discussing new implementation and innovations for our applications
  • Sharing the testing results and possible outcome for our Beta testing
  • Official announcements and community rewarding
  • Answering Q
  • Sharing our ideas about a future evolvement

For the people and their future; by the people. Join our Discord channel and let’s get down to business.


Mickey Maler