Round Table 06.10.2018

All non-question related content has been proved by Masterdubs and Fawkes Beginning: Fawkes said his opinion about potential competition which is attending to do something similar to pirl. They are welcome to do it.

We have mentioned multiple time that we will be developing the pirltube and thas a part of our ecosystem. All the futures development. People will be able to thanks for content and reward good content. There will be a price for someone who will want to watch a particular video. They will pay for example 15 Pirl, and then they can watch it.

Pirltube will have decentralized streaming in the future versions. But now, pirltube will be released without this features.

Announcement: no special announcement for this day but we can say that content masternode runs well, and maybe we will be able to put it out of the beta testing phase by the end of next week. The official announcement will be planed for a beginning of the next week, and then we will be sharing all the information about how this will work.

Q: Why the content masternode don’t pay out any rewards to their owners? You gotta stake 10k pirls to set one up + the VPS fees MasterDubs: Because we have always worked like since the beginning of pirl, we have put masternode in beta, Beta, and we don’t pay for beta because we wont to be sure that everything is running smoothly. People will get paid when the product will be out of beta testing. Be active in beta testing is everybody free will and decision. It’s a personal choice. We thank very much to everyone who participates in our testing. Thank you.

Phatblinkie | CryptoPools. If your a brand new user, maybe someone who just heard about pirltube. Then you download and open it. There is no way for them to actually register without being involved enough in crypto actually to buy pirl, and then be able to send some to the address on the pirltube app, to be able to register to be able to get an account even to use the app. I feel this is a problem could the initial registration be paid from the dev fund?

Fawkes: We will do a “how to use Pirltube guide”I near future. Now we are trying to finish the product. Also, people will be able to buy crypto directly from the pirlApp.

Q: What is happening to those funds in the meanwhile? We agree that partition of that will go to premium masternode holders and a portion of that will be dedicated for community issues solving, pirl docs creation. We will have voting in this manner. And as we said earlier content masternodes will be changing.

Also, we are letting you know, that we did some changes to our team. We removed a few people who haven’t much time for the project, and we understand this very well. We also opened a few new positions. We have now TestObject in the team now. He is hired as a writer. We want to open more positions and everybody who is willing to contribute his time to the project is heartily welcome. We want to exchange active people with required qualities for people who don’t have much time for the project anymore.

We are actively looking for the ProgPow developer at the moment.

Q: Will we have a log for the content nodes about the usage? Yeah, You definitively will have that.

Q: How much was it utilized? We have some ideas already, but we are still working on the integration. Can say more about it when we will be done.

Q:daxmd Now that the MNs are “stable” and PirlTube is usable, what is next for this project? ETA to storage MN, etc. A: We need to improve and finish a lot of things. As we speak in our previous session, the storage masternode is recreating from the scratch so it will not be done till the end of this year. Then we will follow our goals in the roadmap. The marketplace for example and another thing.

Q: What has BIGA done so far to promote Pirl? Has the partnership been worth it so far? A: Only the partnership has been established so far. I think it is quite clear what biga is doing. They did some push with their tweets and retweets. We have some influencers. We will share their videos. They are trying to d complete marketing via their twitter and net of influencers. We will do this step by step since we have better control over our marketing expenses. When we are running in the right direction, we will enforce our marketing focus. Talking about Biga and the feedback. As you know, the constructive critiques are always welcome. Let them know about your opinions.

Q: packetflow: What about the space needed by content and storage nodes. Videos require a lot of space. The requirement says about ~20GB per node. With about 600 nodes we have ~12TB. What if the usage on pirltube does ramp up extreme quickly? A: This will be highlighted in the nearby announcement. We want to reward based on the space used; people who are providing some services, so that people will add more and more to shared storage. We can go higher with VPS requirements but the problem we got ist that vps is changing our requirement for 4 Giga, but a lot of people got sad from that fact since they don’t have 4 Giga.

What we need not is to have more creative contributors who can help us with technical documentation. Please, everybody is welcome. We will be more than happy to reward quality content. If you need information or you already have something, please, feel free to contact dptelecom. Need to say that we got some improvements in our technical doc this week. We are happy to say that. We will also add video guides to our docs in the future since we think it is good to have.

Pirltube for Linux is not what we are focusing right now. We will try to improve the windows and the Mac version first. Then we will take our steps to Linux, so you have to wait just a little bit longer for it.

I am also glad that a lot of videos has been uploaded on Pirltube so far and we are glad that everything is as we expected. Results of Pirltubes tests was really good. Please, take note that there is no more admin proof check available on PirlTube, so your videos are automatically approved. We changed away how the thing worked a little bit. If you find some bad content, you can sing it for a ban of course. We will also add the Terms of youse for our applications briefly.

Btw, PIRL logo is publicly shareable content so don’t hesitate to use it if you want or need it. It’s ok in our books. You have our blessings :)

Q: optimistic Corn: Any plans to add 4K support later? A: 4K is good, so yeah, we will be improving in this manner to become the better and better, but 4k is sometimes a wasting of bandwidth, to be honest. But don’t worry guys, one step after another:) Our focus is for 1090 resolution which is perfect and sharp.

Our designer Max has got some really cool designs for our T-shirts. Pirltube logo motive, pirlstorage logo motive, all you ask :)

Team healthy thanked dptelecome who did a really excellent job for the team, and he is very active and productive member these days. He is always in contact with the community and nonstop working. Thank you very much, buddy! Welcome to the team.

Poseidon makes good results. dptelecome is great…so, let’s celebrate! :)) See you soon, guys. We are happy that you have been with us today. Somebody please a youtube version of this session to our PirlTube…we will reward you for that ;) Farewell, MasterDubs and Fawkes.

Sincerely, Mickey