Round Table 13.10.2018

Hello everybody, this week was really long for PIRL, and we have a lot of things which are running on the background. The company registration is running smoothly, we are doing some paperwork and so on, completing the business plan, filling ideas on how to prevent a money laundering.

We will have a few Announcements for you soon, so stay tuned.

Exchanges. We will be trying to get listing on exchanges as our work will be advancing. Right now we are working on PirlTube. We don’t want to dream big here(but it’s important, right?) but we are happy about Binance approach and their listing fees. Its ongoing. Binance listing is not free, so its kind a long run for us.

Current price. Well, we are developing, coding, working hard. It is not our fault that market situation is still held in bears claws and the price of Pirl is jumping up and down. This is a reflection of the market we are in at the moment. We use this pause in the market for marching forward with our goals. The most important goal for us is Pirl itself and our product. Price will follow if we will be successful.

Mickey has become an official writer for GoodAudience on Medium platform, and that means a subscription and exposure over this great company to 250 000 readers every month with all his content. Mickey also thanked everybody who contributes in the last month with writing our KB which grows like mushrooms after a heavy summer rain.

CEO Julien told us something about his every day life= 4 hours of sleep VS 18 hours of working/coding/hulking. Since this is his life and we can tell you; he doesn’t care about a current price at the moment that much. He cares about a goal to make this project a real deal- solid unit, well coded digital splendor and gateway for every day use and mass adoption.

Everybody is welcome to code something usable for PirlApp. The only thing it needs to be accepted is a decentralized concept, code, and documentation and we will be happy to add it into the PirlApp.

PirlApp is rolling without local sync with blockchain data. It’s primarily using RPS. Masterdubs has some secret solution with non-centralized elements but we are still working on it, and when it will be ready, we will add and let you know about it.

IPV6 in our product is a soundtrack of the future for us at the moment, but we will implement it when it will be ready for this world in general.

Fawkes wrote “Good night” to Masterdubs, and his response was: “Good morning.” :) Fawkes Belgium dogs howl in the background.

Content masternodes will be out of the beta testing phase soon. Rewards will be distributed from an official release. No rewards will be allocated for beta testing. Masterdubs said that he is working on a new concept of the masternode (working on the side chain) current algorithm is not that good for transactions, so his goal is to make it swifter and useable with the help of that new side chain. New ideas are pouring in. He is planning to use a masternode network for that purpose. This will be an impressive step forward for the project. Infrastructure will be updated. Weak up-code-improve-repeat!

If you know some talented people, bring them in. Send us some emails we will be pleased to meet them and invite them for cooperation if our requirements will be met. Application form is available for you and your friends on our discord channel

Mickey has got motivation speech about Warren Buffet ideology and T-shirts of Vitalik Buterin.

Pathblikie wanted to tell us something, but his microphone was broken. So we are looking next time when he will be armored with his new gear!

PirlTube is developing at a good peace. Every day we are improving something else. You load new content, and we are happy that you are so enthusiastic about this project.

PirlInstagram is up, and this is excellent news. Your support is what makes us work better and try harder with reaching our goals.

We will have a StarCraft tournament around 9 of November. So, come to join us. Ask Socal for more details if you are interested and we will be happy to have you there. Dubs said that he was good at Counterstrike 15 years back. Socal is a hard worker in PIRL backstage.

Sincerely, Mickey

Author: Mickey Maler