Round Table 20.10.2018

Masterdubs said that this was a really long and nutrient week for Pirl. Pirl developer team worked hard to find an elegant solution to fix current 51% attack and prevent them from happening again in the future. More about this fix will be said when the work will be done, and all possible test will show results as expected.

Fawkes and Masterdubs gave their tank to all community for fantastic support.

Fawkes gives valuable information about Pirl current state. Socal, Masterdubs, and Fawkes then answer the question about Biga. Right now, Pirl and Biga stop their marketing efforts right now but we are still in contact. Its hard to do proper marketing push in this market and if it not hard, it is definitively expensive. Biga did good stuff for us, and we appreciated their effort. Right now we are trying to come out with our marketing plan and maybe to onboard new members who can help us with it. Next team marketing meeting will be 23.10.2018 where all information and following marketing steps will be discussed.

Mickey said his thanks to the team and community. He also asked every member for creating a Steemit, Medium, reddit, and Twitter account and help Pirl to reach the masses more easily. Every clap and every vote counts. He also commented current DEX voting and ask the community for keep on moving in the right direction.

Socal then mentioned that he is also in communication with another CEO and that he will do his best to get Pirl listed on another exchange. There will also be a PUBG Charity tournament on 11.11.2018. Everybody is welcome to join this event. Starting fee is 0, and there will be a lot of PIRL for you to win. Rewards for every first, second and third place along with charity donation. The total number of entrants will determine the total number of rounds and more people will join the more rounds we will enjoy. So prepare yourself, get in that extra practice, as this is a chance to win PIRL and help a charity for playing a GAME. Mickey did an article about this event which will hit your Discord mailboxes soon.

Developer George said a few words about their current work and his statement about his satisfaction with a solution they come with. This solution will protect PIRL against another double spend attacks. Team cant share more information about this solution where masternodes act as a firewalls, but he told that attacker will have to have a much more funds and very little, almost 0 chance for success. Mastedubs than add that the attacker will have attack three chains at the same time, which will be very hard and expensive to do. More info when the fix will be officially released.

Fawkes thanks everybody for their contribution and warm everybody: not to go to the beach cause its freezing there, and you can get cold, haha :)

Have a nice week. Sincerely Mickey


Mickey Maler