Round Table 27.10.2018

Status on Cryptopia: We are waiting for them to share something with us. It should be done during the next week. We don’t control them, they are a third party for us, and we will do our best to finish this soon. Nobody will lose their coins. They are now under their audit and maintenance.

Hoard voting: We have successfully done a Hoard voting for DEX listing, and now we are waiting for Hoard to announce the winners of this round. Its really good looking project and we hope they will deliver something good in the future. Good for us to be there. DEX should be open by the end of Q2 2019. We showed the power of this community, and we made a killing in those voting.

Marketing: We have new members on our team, and we are preparing an excellent marketing show. We will use the powers of our members and our internal funds for doing the best for the PIRL. MinerAllen and Wracul is our new empowerment. We also schedule regular marketing meetings each week.

Pirl company registration: We work on legal stuff right now and set down all the paperwork which needs to be done before going further. We also want to implement our Fiatgateway for crypto and bring the mass adoption to the people, to bring honesty into this world and make everything easy and fully transparent. So a lot of work to be done but we are on the right tracks now.

PoR founder joined the meeting: Founder of PoR (proof of review) introduced his project and told us about possible cooperation in between this revolutionary consensus establish Algorithm and Pirl. Proof of Review Builds trust among developers, miners, and investors. PoR will be an industry standard in the future since the audits are critical feature to have in this crypto sphere.

PUBG Tournament registration form is out, and you are welcome to join and enjoy some fun with us.

Have a nice week. Sincerely Mickey


Mickey Maler