Round Table 03.11.2018

This roundtable was very informational. Testing, Coding We will be ready with our internal testing by the start of next week. We will also open the TestNet Pool, and you will be allowed to mine on it and test it with us. Everybody is welcome to join us and contribute. We also finish our coding, and we are pleased that everything works as we want and we are now ready to get it to TestNet and after one week of testing on TestNet we will be able to try it on the main network and move forward.

We are proud of our team, and their work since Pirl shows to the world how the crypto project should be handled. Pirl will be more secure and more valuable coin in the future. We made another vital contribution to the blockchain technology. Hulk implementation will make the difference.

Cryptopia will implement our fix when everything is adequately tested. We can provide you with a date Cryptopia reopens their wallets since this is their own business. We keep positive communication in this investigation, and both parties do its maximum to solve this as soon as possible. Our case is not only to fix this problem but to provide a solution and prevention for the future.

The fix will also adjust algorithm difficulty. We spoke about it at our previous meeting.

You can also be awaiting a few announcements next week. Our primary focus is to do our work and report it afterward, but we want to keep you as much updated as we can.

We have first people signed in for our upcoming PUBG Tournament. We have a new version of PirlApp and PirlTube. A lot of improvements and bugs has been sorted out.

Content masternodes will be sorted out after we will solve security problems first. We are sorry for the delay, but our focus is toward Pirl’s future for now. Everything will be sorted out afterward.

Please be advised that there are scammers impersonating team members trying to convince you into a scam OTC deal. Pirl Team would never make such an offer to anyone. Don’t catch the bait and stay safe.

We will officially announce our new team members to the world via Twitter. Stay tuned guys.

ProgPow is history that caused us this little trouble and also put aside regular people who wanted to mine on their PCs. So we will change this algorithm to a new one who will better represent our ideology about mining for everyone. We will go back to our decentralized roots. We don’t want to do a change; we want to implement a solution. Read our blog for more information if you are interested. Also, It will be an open source code since we want to do this as a contribution to the world. Now its time for people to come to us and Copy/paste our code :). It will be a “Proof of Chain.”

Mickey’s erotic calendars were only an internal joke. Don’t make any purchases guys, thank you.

We will announce articles about attacks aftermaths and explain what exactly happened with all of this 51 stuff soon.

Have a nice week. Sincerely Mickey


Mickey Maler