Round Table 10.11.2018

Hello everybody, welcome to another episode of RoundTable. We have a few announcements to be made this week. The first of them is today, you can read him in our announcements channel. Monday or Tuesday will be our releasing days. We will be announcing and producing our documents and news to you, our community, in these two days of the week.

Tuesday, the node will be ready for you to download and use. Our Fork will be in the next ten days from now, so please, got ready, do your updates and wait for the big things to get happened:).

Please, keep in mind, the Testnet pool does not pay real Pirl.

Content Masternode rewards: This is one of our highest priority right after we will be done with our 51% testing.

Our update will bring many securities enhancement and other improvements.

If anybody wants to improve the PirlPool software, we can share the code and let you play with it, develop it and make it better. You are welcome to contact us.

The hulk security update node will be brought to light on Tuesday, November 13th a mandatory update for all the Masternode and pool operators. After the node is made available everyone will have to be done with the node update by November 17th. The fork will take place at block 2442442 estimated to occur on November 20th based on current block time. Exchanges shall reopen shortly after successful fork and node update. Cryptopia will be opened after our Fork. We are in contact with all exchanges, and we are doing our best to make trading available again as soon as possible. We have also written confirmation from Cryptopia.

One-Click Masternodes DO NOT require any action! They will be updated automatically by Poseidon. The owners of a Manual setup Masternode need to upgrade their Masternode by installing the new binaries. We recommend that you install the new binaries as soon as possible.

Our PirlTube has a new version, and we did a lot of fixes and updates. We are happy about how is testing and bug hunting going. We are far from the first beta version. There is still much room for this app to grow but we are happy how it works and looks. PirlTube is not our main product, but we are proud of it. Our main products are our entire ecosystem which will be providing the experience of decentralization for masses. We are for keep improving our ecosystem, security and making conform for our user and our community members.

Our primary goal is about making Pirl keep contributing to the blockchain technology and building a solid product. Our first shot was bringing multi-tired Masternode network using VPS to the blockchain, and we want to keep going.

Please, everybody is allowed to go to our suggestion channel and leave our your recommendation and wishes there. We read it every day.

About our Pools. You will need to update your nodes. Things will be working like they were used to do. Here is the Testnet pool link: Please, don’t mine into exchange wallet. It’s a bad idea. Block time is about 13,000. We are happy with this number. Your calculation will be exact and precise. The monetary policy is based on block numbers, not time itself.

Use these wallets please for mining into:

Read our Docs; there is a lot of manuals and know-how how to do stuff. Really much information there and also a possibility for you to contribute with your manuals, instructions. We are more than happy to reward such a helping behavior.

Have a nice week. Sincerely Mickey


Mickey Maler