Round Table 17.11.2018

After the successful fork, all exchanges will be ready. They are waiting for the call. Cryptopia is a little bit different, but it should not be a problem. We are almost ready for the fork at the moment. We need to cross the fingers and push the button. Nodes are running, and marlin has been updated.

We had little problems with our network a few days back, but everything is working right now and runs as it should.

If you have a one-click installation on your masternodes, your updates will be cared out automatically. If you need our help with something, ping us in discord. Everything needs to be updated before the fork, or you will not be able to receive the rewards. This situation is 20 000 blocks away at the moment.

We thanks to everyone who has participated in our contend masternode testing. It was awesome to see all those people who wanted to help.

Our next priorities are to continue our work with marlin and to put the PirlTube out of beta. Then our next target is PirlPay and our fiat gateway.

BLock-time can be maybe increase in next few days, but we will stabilize after that the process on the go so don’t be afraid, everything will be as planed.

ZelCore is like Exodus, and they develop a multi-asset wallet w/ a DEX built inside of it. This idea is interesting, but we don’t have time for that right now. We will take a look at this topic later when all Pirl matters get settled. Good marketing and all the rest is going to come organically with development and the product realizing.

We are thinking about signing for BlockFolio and some other crypto trackers. · Cryptocompare OK · Blockfolio Signup needed · Delta OK · Cryptagon Wait/ signup required · Cointracker Signup required · Cointracking OK · Altpocket OK

Question from Murphy: I’m a little confused about Pirl’s place in the market (in the future). The marketing material makes sense, in a small-scale way, but I’m trying to figure if/how Pirl will be used in business. The reason I ask is that I’ve been studying Hyper Ledger a bit and impressed by the business cases it solves. I sort of feel as though Pirl has aspirations beyond a simple marketplace. (a blockchain technology company). Answer by Fawkes and Dubs: Hyperledger is the solution of the Linux Foundation. Pirl is building an infrastructure which can be used for building applications. We want to create a place of creation for our users and bring solutions for future needs. We are always open to further development.

Here we propose few notes that can explain a difference in between Ethereum and Pirl. Showcase scenarios:

1/ Company “A” wants to build a decentralized application for its 500 hundred personnel across the globe. This includes creating an immutable(impossible to manipulate) dossier of each employee. Everything is stored in a file that can only be updated with new information and can only be accessed by the authorized personnel. This data cannot be erased from the records, and it’s not vulnerable to a single point of failure. Options: a/ Using Ethereum The decentralized application can be built using standard technology smart contracts (backend) + frontend. The interactions will be all recorded by the blockchain, but the data cannot be stored on it due to its size that cannot fit in the blocks. Company “A” will have to use either a centralized server which will centralize the application or 3rd party decentralized storage solution which will require additional coding and adjustments. b/Using Pirl The decentralized application can be built using the standard technology with smart contracts(backend) + frontend. The interactions will be all recorded by the blockchain, and the data will be stored on the same platform through its enterprise-class globally distributed storage masternode network. Simple to use interfaces to upload, read and write data in a completely safe cryptographically encrypted environment will add ease to use to the entire process. Providing one stop shop for everything that Company “A” needs.

This is just a fraction of our future solution. I think you will be all amazed by what we are doing and developing at the moment.

Priority for the next week is to take some rest and then succeed in our HardFork.

Communication with SystemCoin is really bad. We don’t know if we can trust them anymore. Their reaction times are very long. I think it is essential to have good communication with your customers and partners. That’s what this all about. However, we will be keeping them updated. On the other hand, STEX exchange looks pretty good, and they have a rapid and reactional support team in a few languages.

Socal has a meeting with another exchange we can be listed. We have good chances to get listed there right after the fork and when everything else will be set to normal.

We are missing 80 votes for a second place on DEX voting right now.

Thank you all for your attention and for a nice cardinality of roundtable attendees and listeners:).

Have a nice weekend Pirlians!

Sincerely Mickey


Mickey Maler