Round Table 24.11.2018


Date: November 24, 2018

Participants: The People

Meeting Agenda:

• Complete transparency • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the PIRL community.


1:00 masterdubs/Fawkes: Hi everyone. Let’s start with any questions.

2:30 Fawkes: We don’t know what happened to Duke. People are losing interest in crypto. Maybe too much R/L work. We don’t know. He might come back.

3:30 masterdubs: Its ok we will move on and solve more problems.

4:30 masterdubs: Right now, were fresh out of the 51 % attack. I’m going to be working on Poseidon. Let’s be patient, I will have a program later this week. This week was stressful with the fork, I need to recover.

5:30 Fawkes: On the marketing side we’re on the move creating content. Our team is working hard. We have contacted some press releases. Everything is in motion. We are working on the complete picture for the month ahead. PIRL Tube is moving nicely.
We’re getting closer to the goal every day. While we were dealing with the 51% attack, the development of PIRL Tube didn’t stop. Almost everything the community asked for is put in place. So, you can expect a new version soon.

7:30 masterdubs: We still had some good development this month. We’re happy. We put our fingerprint in the blockchain.

8:00 Fawkes: We can spread the message about PIRL Guard. It benefits all of us. A big part of the marketing is done by the community. We want to spread the word about the project, and this protection system we have created for the community. It can be a way that people learn more about PIRL, it also can be a way that many people don’t lose their money over 51% attacks. With the data available in the web close to 50$ million vanished from the markets. The attack could have crushed billions in the market cap. 50 million in cash is way more in terms of market cap, it could be Billions. It’s very important PIRL Guard is open source and free. The work will help all crypto. This is the first core solution against a 51% attack.

10:00 masterdubs: DNS isn’t top priority now. I’m not working on it. About “What to Mine” I’m hoping they will be back soon.

10:45 Fawkes: We will send “What to Mine” a message to update them.

11:30 Fawkes: Were looking for front end people who have skills in user experience. Maybe a Java script developer. The PIRL Guard is open source.

12:30 masterdubs: You must mention PIRL if you use PirlGuard.
Fawkes: It’s the same as Ethereum code, were following the same license with PirlGuard. Even if it’s free you must mention the source.

13:30 masterdubs: Shares a link** showing the PIRLTeam implementation in the code.

14:30 Fawkes: A good engineer can implement this into any system.

15:00 masterdubs: Shares a screen shot of an attack.


You must mine a lot of blocks it’s almost impossible now 😊
Actually its way more as there is a penalty system in place as well so its way more than just mining blocks.

16:15 Fawkes: I don’t even think the attack is possible.

17:00 masterdubs: About the fork it went as planned with the PIRL Guard implementation. The block time to produce is between 10 and 13 seconds. It’s stable. The difficulty algorithm is very stable. The speed of the chain is back to normal. We got added for free on another exchange.
Insert ** link

18:45 Fawkes: What we know about this exchange is it’s been around for a while. We hope it’s legit. Do your own research! Never keep coins on an exchange. Don’t mine direct to an exchange. As for getting listed on Coinbase it will take time. It might be possible down the line. We will never pay to get listed. We want to get listed with quality product that has great use case not because we paid to be listed. There are exchanges that care about the product.

20:20 Fawkes: Founding the company will give us legal status, which is more and more required when listing on exchanges. It will permit us to make our own exchange with direct deposit to fiat. With the company you will have the legal responsibility. We’re not here to run away were here to build a product. We want to build it legally, we want to bring decentralized products to everyone.

21:00 masterdubs: It’s important we get a bank account. It’s important to pay people. We want to be legit!

21:35 Fawkes: You can comply with laws, create official business partnership’s and entities.

22:00 masterdubs: Now, the company is in the review process by the state. We will complete a business plan with folks from scratch. Extremely complex like the white paper, with some confidential information. We’re getting reviewed by the Government to give us a license to be legal, we hope this year. It’s not in the USA, it’s a little country that works with the blockchain. Smaller countries are easier to work with. We want to bring lots of things for example the PIRL Academy and so on. We will share over time. Europe doesn’t want to take risk. They are in the banking game. We share news when we have it. Now we wait. We hope to hear by the end of this year or early 2019.

27:00 masterdubs: hasn’t been changed in a long time and isn’t completely accurate.
Our network hash-rate is great and it’s coming back to normal. People like PIRL for what it is. Storage MN isn’t top priority now. We want the company released, then PirlPay and PirlExchange is very important for mass adoption.
We want to improve our tools before making more. The PIRL App will be our central hub but we need to continue to improver everything. It’s an improvement period. First PirlPay, PirlExchange, PirlTube out of beta, The MN is now out of beta.

30:00 Fawkes: We also must fix PirlApp on the user interface and user experience. We want ease of use, good user interface and user experience.

30:45 masterdubs: Once we have our own exchange we don’t have to worry about other exchanges like Cryptopia if they close. It’s dangerous for us to depend on them

32:00 Fawkes: At this point thanks for your support.

32:30 masterdubs: The content MN is released. 200 PIRL per day!

33:30 masterdubs: Maybe we can make a bounty for a person to create a calculator. Just a one pager to attach to POISEDON. It’s an opportunity to get some PIRL. Some coins haven’t been replying.
Provides a
for document tier 3 verified. Proof of Review.

36:00 Fawkes: We passed all the tests. People are aware of how much we have developed and what we have done in this time.

37:00 masterdubs: kills meeting with the review.

38:30 masterdubs: Poseidon we will remove the dynamic explore we will replace dev explorer for the dynamic stuff. We will keep wallet transaction. This will be an improvement and speed things up a little bit. No advice on shared MN. It’s hard to be secure when dealing with them. We don’t want to give advice on 3rd party services.

Thanks community, Thanks team.

42:00 masterdubs: We will not pay for random products like GIN. Poseidon can do the stuff.

43:00 Fawkes: We want to be safe!

Meeting is finished.

Over and out,