Round Table 01.12.2018


Date: December 1, 2018

Participants: The People

Meeting Agenda:

• Complete transparency

• The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


4:00 Fawkes: askes community for questions

masterdubs: Brief discussion on ICO’s being a scam and distrust in crypto. masterdubs about Pirls goal on educating the community.
Fawkes talks about crypto being all about market place, exchanges and traders. Which is not the intent of crypto. It’s supposed to be a technology that has benefits. Privacy, freedom of speech, the technology has many directions. Next phase in crypto will be we need users not traders.
We will keep on developing as many use cases as possible with the right infrastructure you can do anything!! Make use of the technology will be the next cycle in crypto. Crypto should be store of value how can you have that with volatility? Target market is the users

11:00 masterdubs: The short-term goals for PIRL are to finish the company then introduce PirlPay. T he goal is to make it easy to transfer fiat into PIRL. Easy entry with benefits of use. Trading from the marketplace or exchange to direct fiat. All about ease of use.

masterdubs: Discussed credit card interaction with PIRL and how it’s not a short-term goal. The idea is no single point of failure.

Fawkes: Talks about how the crypto cards work. Which are essentially pre-paid cards.

18:00 Fawkes: Talks about concepts like SMS or email to convert to PIRL. It’s possible. All you need is the development. If you have PIRL pay. You can have direct connection from fiat to PIRL. Anyone can accept payments they can receive whatever payment they like. They can accept PIRL as a payment then on their end it would be fiat. Or vice versa.
With the proper internal exchange.

20:00 masterdubs: PIRL pay will be rolled out once the company is all done. Plan is to build an exchange. But not a shit coin exchange. One to fiat.

21:00 No ICO ever! Talk about how ICO’s crash the market and the damage it does to the ecosystem. Moral of the story almost all ICO’s fail and or will fail.

25:00 Fawkes: Talks about contracts between people in the marketplace and how an escrow can help solve the problem. Talks about scams on eBay. Possible solution is escrow, as its basic. It collects money form the buyer. When the buyer says product the is good. The seller receives the payment.
This system can still be exploited. Seller reviews will help with trades. You will have a profile for reputation.

29:00 masterdubs: Next big milestones are the company being formed and Pirl pay. Also, fine tuning everything else before moving forward. Approximately 3 weeks focusing on the roadmap.

30:00 There will be a new version of Poseidon coming out SOON. More talk about the company license, structure and the waiting game.

33:00 Fawkes: Talks about Bittrex and other possible exchanges. It will be easier to apply for exchanges once the company is started.

34:00 Fawkes: Talks about the relationship between the blockchain and the company.

36:00 Fawkes: We work in our basements for the love of Pirl!

38:00 Fawkes: Talks about Dapps and the content MN network you can have data for your Dapp there.
Ipfs is an open network. Storage MN’s are private with encryptions and permissions. More on this topic later. encrypted storage. Like an encrypted database that can be used.

40:00 Fawkes: Talks about storage MN’s being like google drive. You can keep things private or share them if you want. You can also host a website on the storage MN.

42:00 Fawkes: Talks a little about storage MN encrypted private with controlled permissions.

43:00 Fawkes: This technology you can do anything! Web 3 works different. The backbone is smart contracts. You have traditional infrastructure. When you have storage MN things become unlimited. When you have the right infrastructure, you are open for anything!

45:00 There is proof showing that Pirl ipfs service can host content accessible by the browser PirlDocs on ipfs

46:00 A video link was shared. Of rain in 4 k. You don’t have to wait for it to pre-load. Direct strait to play out. We can do anything! 4K rain on ipfs

48:00 Fawkes: These meetings are for the people. We are here together. A community. One purpose. Bring more users! Not traders!

49:00 Talk of DNS. More on this later.

50:00 Some chat with all community members. Some trolling from dev about the secret sauce.

54:00 Fawkes: ICO is dead were now onto STO. It will also die.

55:00 masterdubs: There is possibility of a SoundCloud like site. Podcasts anything!

58:00 masterdubs: Anybody who wants to build a app can! The new poised will solve a lot of problems.

59:00 Problem solving. You must use CentOS when setting up your MN. New Poseidon will solve a lot of problems. Stay tuned! Remember to spread the hash rate to different pools and please don’t mine to exchanges.

Over and out, Numnah