Round Table 08.12.2018


Date: December 8, 2018


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the PIRL community.


2:00 masterdubs: Asks the community for questions. The typical start of meeting banter.

3:00 masterdubs, Fawkes: Responds to the community on how helping other projects/coins implement PirlGuard is great for Pirl. Coins are interested in PirlGuard as a possible solution.

4:50 Fawkes: Talks about PirlPay. The Pirl infrastructure is capable of many things including IOT and AI implications. Talks about updating the community on shopping plugins. Our company will be accessible and easy to manage with great infrastructure that can be expanded on. There will be a series of tweets coming soon. Example, Microsoft Azure has 58 end points. Pirl blockchain infrastructure has 780 points 12 times larger than Azure at this point. 2 100 000 GB monthly bandwidth, 3TB RAM, 1572 CPU Cores, 7000 GPU’s allows for a lot to happen. Data transfer plus blockchain. We can host data, images, videos, web sites the Pirl infrastructure has huge use. Early 2019 will be used for putting the infrastructure into use. Pirl will open for other markets. No more day traders, we want more users. We want more use services, we can provide the infrastructure to develop decentralized applications, immutable data. This is a huge resource we have available and we will use it!

9:00 masterdubs: Plan for 2019 the company and PirlPay. 2019 will be great!

10:00 Fawkes: 2018 was a busy year prepping the infrastructure. 2019 we will put the infrastructure to work. We want to have all the services worked on as a priority PirlPay, and a few other unknowns.

10:30 masterdubs: Wants everything running proper before we move forward. We don’t want to fail.

11:00 Fawkes: We’re entering a business serves area where we need to be perfect. We will try to deliver an experience close to a traditional one with all the benefits of decentralization. Azure has 58 endpoints we have 780 endpoints.

11:30 masterdubs: We have already improved security, we will try to put out good stuff.

12:30 Fawkes: 90 percent of suggestions for Poseidon are in it. Just give it time. Went on to talk about IOT, there is no direct Pirl-IOT documentation now, just that it is possible for development, we can provide a lot for it but no discussion now. We have the right infrastructure. Right now, the Pirl infrastructure is unique and with the storage MN it will be even more unique it will provide possibilities no other blockchain can provide as an infrastructure.

15:00 masterdubs: On the topic of marketing we want usability we want to educate people, teach them how to use the product. An example is PirlGuard, people integrate it into their chain. This is great for Pirl.

15:30 Fawkes: education and spreading the message will be the focus. Marketing will be more modular for Pirl. We will be entering different markets with different services. Our target market is different. The ways cryptocurrency’s are currently marketed isn’t good. Pirl wants to be untraditional in it’s marketing. We don’t want to keep everything that everyone else does. We are not sheep! We will educate and spread our msg. The marketing will be upped with PirlPay is up because we can target market real people. To use our product. We don’t just want one push marketing. We want long term. We have upped social media.

18:30 Fawkes: If you want to buy Pirl you buy it for what they provide. Our next goal is you buy it because you want to store your data in a decentralized way private. Like google drive but the files are shattered into millions of pieces that can’t be traced to put back together. Encrypted data, webhosting, simple uses space, market place, PIRL Tube, no major censorship, no advertising. This is better than YouTube already, but this is not the purpose the purpose is to provide you with an environment where you can use all these features. One point immutable content, all in a unique infrastructure of 700mn or more soon. Right now, if it was a super computer it would have 2 100 000 GB monthly bandwidth, 3TB RAM, 1572 CPU Cores, 7000 GPU’s

21:00 Talk of gaming

22:00 masterdubs: Yes, we will go to blockchain conferences, for now I will focus on finishing our products to run proper.

23:00 More talk of gaming.

27:00 Fawkes: A new version of the PirlApp will be coming out soon. There will be more information coming out. Once we’re ready, you will know.

29:00 masterdubs: PirlPay won’t compete with Visa. It’s not the same usage. PayPal doesn’t compete with Visa, because it’s too slow. PayPal the goal isn’t to be visa. Visa is different. The goal is usability then you can scale.

29:45 Fawkes: PirlPays easy entry and payment and online shops to integrate as a payment. We are not internet money. We want to provide services and infrastructure easy entry to have the possibility for direct exchange. The goal is not to be the money you use.

30:45 masterdubs: We don’t want to re-produce the current financial system in Pirl. We need to build something better. Something more usable and less money related. We must do it step by step. We try to improve things we use. Micropayments are possible but it’s not our focus, you only need a plugin. It will be on the online shop.

32:30 Fawkes: We want to target the benefits of a complete desterilized infrastructure. With immutable content. Example, you don’t have a ddos connection on a website. If a site or app is hosted on our network, you will have many points to your connection. Even if you got ddos attacked on one they couldn’t get you on all, it’s very special. It’s a service that goes beyond crypto and beyond crypto markets. It has real business benefits. Everyone should check out the whitepaper and the docs. We want to reach other markets other than the crypto markets. Over time as these services come along more and more detail will come up. 2018 was the year of prep on the infrastructure. Now were close to with content and premium MN in place so now 2019 will be the year where you will hear more and more of the services we can provide and the capabilities of the network and what it can do.

35:45 masterdubs: Talks about examples of how to use the services. Like how to create a token, which is already available in the Pirl docs. There will be more tutorials soon.

36:00 Fawkes: Talks about how Pirl, we push things out when they’re ready. We provide everything in bulk when we meet the exact quality we have come to expect from our team. Before we never use to talk about the infrastructure, now we have it in place, now what you can expect us to talk about the infrastructure. Over time you see products pop up for example, PirlTube it’s in beta you will see more services and more documentation as we develop.

40:00 masterdubs: Drops the Proof of Review POR. Talk about the ma and where all the MN are located now. Discussion on where your MN is located to increase rewards and increase decentralization.

44:30 Fawkes: Talks about focusing on places that have tight censorship laws. Example Turkey, China, Middle East. Freedom of speech is a huge use case. Many social services can benefit from immutable content.

46:00 Talk of Politics. Need to spread out the VPS providers.

48:00 masterdubs: Talks of the relationship between where your VPS is located. Could mean higher reward.

49:00 Fawkes: Talks of moon. Pay attention. Pay very close attention.

52:00 masterdubs: Talks how PirlTube works with the rendering. It’s a matter of no single point of failure. We want decentralization. Upload times are fast.

54:00 Talk of what’s better. Mac or Windows.

58:00 Numnah blows the meeting.

Over and out,