Round Table 15.12.2018


Date: December 15, 2018


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


2:30 Fawkes, masterdubs: Ask community for questions?

3:20 masterdubs: Next week is our last meeting of the year. We might have a surprise for everybody. Depends on some people.

4:00 masterdubs: The company will not be a single point failure. The company will be obliged to develop more, pay employees, become accountable, follow laws. masterdubs fires a question back to community.

5:00 Fawkes: Pirl is a blockchain as such, the PirlBlockchain can never be stopped it’s immutable, it’s unstoppable until there is one last miner or one last Pirl MasterNode we can’t be stopped. The PirlBlockchain is alive with or without a company. What the company will provide is more services outside of the crypto markets, more on the business side or personal side, in a more regulated/enterprise level. We want to bring blockchain use to traditional services, we want to provide the benefits of decentralization. We can’t do that without being a legal entity.

You need to be somebody to have a legal contract. That somebody happens to be a company.

There will be PirlServices and PirlBlockchain these are two separate things. PirlBlockchain is something everybody can use and PirlServices is what the company provides.

7:30 Fawkes: It’s too early to give out details about the company’s structure. The company will not be publicly traded.

9:00 masterdubs: We don’t want to release public keys on the blockchain. (I couldn’t make out the question)

10:00 Fawkes: Version 2.0 PirlPoisedon release is not announced yet. There will be information coming out soon.

It’s a real thing. The finishing touches are being implemented. Most of suggestions are implemented into it.

11:00 MK: If the blockchain itself paid the MasterNodes directly without any intermediate wallet, no keys would be necessary.

11:00 masterdubs: That is correct but to code the algorithm you need to be 100 % sure and that’s very difficult.

11:50 masterdubs: People were not happy I had to sell some Pirl to pay dev, dev and dev. They tracked the wallet of the dev. So, I sold some Pirl because I had to pay dev and the rest I paid from my pocket. I tried to pay all the dev, it’s hard because the bear market is real. I try to not sell very much Pirl. Therefore, the company will help so we can cash Pirl in during the bull market to help carry us through the bear markets when they happen. Then we will act like a company rather than a family.

12:45 Fawkes: This is our life project, we believe in it. With one year of a bear market, we have put in a lot of work. We do it because we believe in it and we like it. This development isn’t going anywhere. When the markets go back, the development we have done, our market position will be better than ever. The next crypto cycle will be users over traders. With our infrastructure and our services, we will target the users. So, we keep developing we keep our use cases. Then we will be ready for the bulls. Even if you look at big projects they don’t have the development. For example, Ethereum doesn’t have a single release for the block chain in 2018. Pirl has three major blockchain releases. We want to make everything better.

What is better marketing than a real product, something that you can benefit from?

Sometimes the best marketing is not to market at all.

17:00 masterdubs: Creating documents and content about Pirl is a great way to market Pirl.

17:45 Phatblainkie: It’s hard to market a coin based on it having on blockchain. We need something to have something to market. It’s coming. We want a more organic widely spread base. Not just copy and paste/ re tweet’s. Original content will get you a better ranking, thus, if you have more original based Pirl articles it’s way better than having a bunch of articles that are just copied and pasted. We need a product to go sell.

It’s difficult selling dreams, it’s much easier to sell products.

19:30 Fawkes: What we’re planning on releasing next will not be marketing a coin, we will be marketing services, service’s we can sell.

19:40 masterdubs: We’re marketing services with an idea behind it. It’s something that we believe in.

20:00 Fawkes: One of the possible ways for people to interact with our product is with our infrastructure. This is huge. Right now, were sitting on one of the most advanced blockchain infrastructures. This is because it’s the first developed MasterNode network developed on the Ethereum capable network, smart contracts, ??? , and web 3.

The PirlContent MasterNode and PirlStorage MasterNode at this point are very unique.

21:00 Miner Allen: What’s cool about Pirl, what’s going to happen is we will be moving away from blockchain marketing. We will be getting into real life marketing with normal people getting into Pirl.

21:40 Fawkes: It’s one thing to be competing with 2000 shit coins. It’s way different when you show your product to business’s and users who have benefits of using it.

22:00 masterdubs: Knows of large profile investors that have 25% of their portfolio in ICO’s. No good for investors as these ICO’s are now gone. POOF!

22.45 Fawkes: The snail wins the race, so step by step. We what to be valued on what we are and what we can provide.

23:30 masterdubs: We are unique. We have been sticking to our plan since the very beginning. No shitty marketing! We deliver what we say.

24:45 Fawkes: Talks about how YouTube channels are talking about the increased 51% attack on crypto coins but how nobody is talking about PirlGuard. Thus, having their blockchain exposed. We will not pay crypto YouTubers.

Rant on YouTubers robbing people, and how we will save our money to create new product for Pirl.

We want to go to conferences to talk about the PirlGuard and other products in the future.

26:30 masterdubs: Talks about how starting a company will that will have legal statements.

28:00 Fawkes: Lots of talk about the markets. How we’re all here, at this roundtable meeting in a bear market. People here believe, they want to help and contribute.

Value not inflated based on nothing and community not inflated by hyped crowed. This is the best we can have. The rest is a matter of time and development. We’re gather people who want to think and contribute.

Streaming is not the next thing coming for PirlTube. There should be a nice PirlTube surprise soon. The streaming is Proof of Concept already developed. We had this running a long time ago. We have the hard part done. It’s just not priority number one.

31:00 masterdubs: We want to get everything stable before we release anymore Dapps.

31:30 Fawkes: PirlTube and streaming would be two different technology’s. We have the technology, the concept is proven, it just needs worked on.

We haven’t changed any VPS requirement’s and don’t plan on it soon. 4 gigs is fine.

34:00 masterdubs: There are problems with any VPS provider, do your research.

34:15 Fawkes: Maybe you could get rewarded for extra bandwidth used in the future.

34:30 masterdubs: Maybe the community could make a list of VPS providers and their rates, location, and so on. We could put it into PirlDocs.

35:30 Fawkes: It’s important to spread the VPS all around the world. It’s what makes the infrastructure unique. No single point of failure or ddos attacks. We don’t recommend any VPS providers. Do your own research.

36:00 masterdubs: It’s recommend putting your VPS in a region that doesn’t have any nodes set up.

37:00 A message to all miners to spread the hash. This is very important.

38:00 masterdubs: We always have new people joining the discord and setting up new MasterNodes.

masterdubs attaches explorer link

42:00 Fawkes: At this point were protected against double spend and 51% attack with PirlGuard. Changing the algorithm isn’t a priority.

42:00 masterdubs: Asks community if there are users of Blockfolio. He Wants to know how the community would like the notifications pushed or just notifications. Everybody shows up for the last meeting. Big surprise! Maybe…

We have a bridge for telegram.

46:00 Fawkes: Dev are pushing all day everyday that’s why GitHub is very active.

Everybody, please attend the next meeting. It’s the final meeting before the holidays. The community might have something to play with over the holiday.

47:00 Meeting over!

Over and out Numnah