Round Table 22.12.2018


Date: December 22, 2018


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


Regular start of meeting banter.

15:00 Fawkes:
Thanks, the Pirl community.

16:30 masterdubs:
Thanks, the community.
Asks the community for question.

17:30 Fawkes:
It was a rough year, although we did more than we had originally planned on doing.
The road map is not time specific. We did many things on the map that we didn’t plan.
We have a 2018 project summary that everybody must check out.
We had some major challenges. We keep on getting stronger as time goes on.

Right now, we’re in the process of setting up Pirl as a company.
The company will have to provide financial statements.
Everything will be accounted for and transparent.

For 2018 the major goal was to prepare the infrastructure.
It’s now done. Pirl is one of the most advanced Blockchain application out at this time.
Now we have a stable ground to build DApps. 2019 will be about use cases.

22:30 masterdubs:
We don’t like to talk about the crypto markets.
After this meeting you will know what we’re thinking in terms of Pirl and the future.
We want mass adoption. We don’t control the market.
We develop for the people.

23:30 Fawkes:
The next crypto cycle will be user’s.
The people who want privacy freedom of speech and security no single point of failure and no ddos attack.
Bring mass adoption. We’re not worried about prices.

25:45 masterdubs:
It’s time for the first bomb!
This will be scaled.
It’s a web-based version.

27:45 Fawkes:
You’re able to take a share links from the web view and view on PirlTube, you don’t have to be signed in.
There is a button where you can pop the screen out and move the video to any location you want.
The web view also works in a mobile browser.
In the future it will come in a mobile application.
There will be bugs to clear out, this is only this first version.

30:30 masterdubs:
Reply’s to the 404.
The reason for it is 404 is you’re going to the root of the domain.
The domain isn’t re-directed yet. This is normal, we will fix it soon.

30:45 Fawkes:
The limitations to the web version of PirlTube you cannot upload.
You can launch and share videos.
The desktop application is the only way to upload content now this will change.
The limit for video content is currently 1 gig per video upload.
Currently all the content is checked out by the Pirl team.
This will be further developed.
We don’t give out investment advices.
We develop!

33:30 MinerAllen:
We will censor manually for starters.
If there is bad content, the community can report it.

33:45 Fawkes:
Later, we will be looking at AI solutions to help police censorship.

34:45 masterdubs:
Everybody can post content for free!

35:00 Fawkes:
The infrastructure has massive capability’s.

2 442 00 GB/m Bandwidth
3256 GB RAM
1628 CPU Cores
16 280 GB storage space
814 endpoints on 6 continents

This is what we want to scale, also we want to bring more use cases to all business or personal.
There is no video overlay in PirlTube.
There is a lot of possibilities with the GPU’s but that’s our secret.

37:30 masterdubs:
There is talk of changing the algorithm in the future. For now it will stay the same.
This is not top priority.
Right now, we’re focusing on more use and more services.
Our block time is stable as well as our difficulty.

38:30 Fakes:
We will be looking into another algorithm, it’s not out yet and it’s not our priority.
Our infrastructure with the endpoints and no point of failure it’s in comparison to Microsoft Azure (58 endpoints).
Were close to 900 endpoints.
The content that is shared doesn’t render on the actual endpoint. each endpoint has min monthly requirements.
As we get closer to mass adoption we will run more marketing campaigns.
The idea is not to crash the budget.
We will scale as we’re capable.
PirlTube is a fee service where the person hosting can receive tips for their videos or whatever they post.
We have more ideas like pay to view content.

43:15 masterdubs:
Once we release the web version of PirlTube then people can access it.
Then people can share videos.
Then we can post our roundtable meetings and more.

43:45 Fawkes:
The new company will be good it will open many doors.
As for limitations, we already have a company that we answer to legally.
We’re already legally responsible for everything we’re doing.
The other company the blockchain company opens new opportunities for us.
We don’t talk about the markets.
We work all the time.
We work during our free time.
Others spent 16 hrs. a day.
We want to distinct ourselves from the market by providing actual use cases.
We don’t want to be funded by traders.
Funded by users and investors, real usage.
The markets are all speculation.
We will be getting more MasterNodes.
This will open many markets.
Making us self-sufficient for funds for development team without the market.
PirlTube is not a competition product.
The idea behind it is to make DApp’s with the most use case’s possible.
For example, PirlTube, encrypted data market place, single point of entry, messaging you could get all this with single point of entry.
We want our users to have easy access to all of this.
In 2019 you will be able to pay for goods and services on the Pirl network.

49:00 masterdubs:
I’m going on a vacation! For the next 2 weeks.
On the 29 th I have a meeting the commission of the country.
I will tell more when I know more.

49:30 Fawkes:
We have a lot of ideas for this country.
We can both benefit from each other.
We will let you know the country when we know for sure.

Here are our MasterNode stats as it stands right now.

2 442 00 GB/m Bandwidth
3256 GB RAM
1628 CPU Cores
16 280 GB storage space
814 endpoints on 6 continents

This is based on minimum requirements.
It’s opening a lot of doors for Pirl.

51:00 masterdubs:
About PirlTube I want to build something stable then I will develop on that.

51:30 Fawkes:
In terms of social features we will have to develop something.
we don’t want a single pint of failure. We don’t want database records.
We will have to innovate this part.

52:00 masterdubs:
The MasterNode network is very large.
When I open Poseidon v 2 in that we released a new product.
We deployed around 800 smart contracts on the chain.
So, each node can contact its own smart contract.
the goal of the smart contract is to know the object that the node needs to store.
So, the smart contract will tell the node what to store and where.
It’s completely independent.
When you put your content in the chain it’s in.
It will stay.
You can load files to IPFS.
you can see it where you want to see it.
For now, we are just testing, this will open many door’s for us.

54:00 Fawkes:
This is pre-pre-alpha.
Please spend some time and test it out for us.

54:30 masterdubs:
This is the content you will be able to load.
What’s behind this?
In the future you will be able to select the country where you want your data stored.
Meaning you can be as close as possible to the nodes you need access to.
Its re directed to is a load balancer that we made.
When you don’t select the country.
It selects the closes node to the user if there are none available in that country it will default to the continent of the user.

The PirlTube web view is loaded on our IPFS.
The web application is on IPFS.

56:00 masterdubs:
How the infrastructure works, each node gets a domain name generated for it that will fall back to that node will distribute the content.
So, each MasterNode becomes a gateway.
Therefore, we have over 800 gateways.
We can dynamically scale up and down.
If you deploy your network statically you run into big problems.
We want to be professional, so people can use it like a real product.
You guys get to upload 100 mb to the PirNetwork and distribute it for free.

58:45 Phatblinkie:
Just want to make sure everybody that went to this web site knows it’s contained and self-hosted natively off the IPFS.
You could develop many other apps in the future.

59:00 Fawkes:
Our infrastructure is one of the most advanced in the entire blockchain ecosystem.
A decentralized app with not only smart contracts running in the background it’s also hosted on a completely decentralized network.
With no single point of failure.

1:00:00 Phatblinkie:
This is just like Amazon s3.
Maybe you pay in Pirl for content rather than how Amazon s3 charges you in USD or CDN or whatever for accessing the block storage that you put on there.

1:00:30 Fawkes:
Take crypto kitties for example, they’re are hosed on a centralized server, anyone can DDOS them easy.
They are not decentralized.
Now what we offer is the first real DApps with real life use cases with complete privacy.

1:01:45 masterdubs:
An easy way to buy Pirl in the future will be through our exchange, Poseidon, Pirl App and so on.
The goals are to make it easy to use.
With Poseidon you have to possibility to enter your data and instantly deploy your website.
The fiat exchanges we need the company for that. It’s a priority goal.
There are better functions in Poseidon we upgraded the UI,
enabled 2 factor authentications with text message or google,
log out,
password retrieval,
export your payments for accounting purposes and more.

1:04:00 Phatblinkie:
We want the content and MasterNode network to be as easy as possible.
The old version had some build in features that had a lot of bugs that caused problems.
The new version has a lot better quality checks.
change ip where node is. an update and install again.
Addition to that the ssh port can be customized.
There are also new node features on Poseidon as well.

1:06:00 masterdubs:
The update times are fast.
We can update 800 one clicks in 30 min.
In Poseidon when you register a new node we will enable a domain for your nodes we will write a DNS for that and supply a certificate to secure the IPFS network.

We have a new function, we have become a platform rather than just store stuff.
The new service is called PirlCloud please note that it says Pirl but it’s in white :) oops.
This is hosted on IPFS. This will have all the functions of a decentralized cloud.

1:09:21 Fawkes:
For now, it comes with content hosting and content delivery.
Later it will come with way more functions.
In the future PirlStorage MasterNodes will be part of PirlCloud it will allow encrypted storage.
This is the final detail.
We will experience this next year.

1:10:00 masterdubs:
It’s a new platform we listen to your needs.
Here is the new Poseidon
Please note that the new Poseidon has two factor authentications.
You have two options; text messages or google token generator.

1:11:45 Fawkes:
You can see a lot of details about the MasterNodes in the new Poseidon.
Please help decentralize the MasterNodes in other countries.
We will be able to enable payments and sell.
We have some blank spots on the map it would be a smart move to host your VPS in these countries.

1:14:00 masterdubs:
Sometimes the IP is weird.
You can test the Poseidon.
We tried to make it faster, we think it’s way faster.
If you break anything, please let us know.
You don’t see the address yet as I was rushed to get the product out to you guys.
There will be many updates to come.

“Pirl love days” is the number of days you have been hosting your MasterNode live.

1:17:00 masterdubs:
A little rundown of PirlPoseidon v 2
You have accounting tabs, wallets, rewards, MasterNode tab, you see all your nodes when you zoom on it you see all of your stats.
You can edit your node, delete it, add it.
You can reset your password. Next will come is notifications.
You will be able to delete but on IPFS nothing is really deleted if people are requesting it.
Keep in mind that IPFS is immutable content.
We will replicate your file when you want to delete it we will request to the node, but it will take some time to delete it.
It’s up to 48 hrs. to get pushed to trash.
If you put something on the web.
It will be there forever! Be careful! Everything will be on PirlApp on the dashboard.

1:22:00 Fawkes:
When PirlStorage MasterNodes are out you will be able to encrypt your data in a way like google drive store completely private and encrypted as well as be able to share it.
This will be the other side of the PirlCloud that is coming.
The network is very powerful with all the endpoints and bandwidth.
We will approach more exchanges once the company is done,
now that the infrastructure is in place and all the documents are in order we will be ready to apply for more listings.
We will be ready for even Coinbase. We have a lot to bring to the table.

1:25:00 masterdubs:
We built a new explore but a little bit simpler.
We will enable it very soon.
Systemkoin opens a lot of possibility’s.

1:27:00 Fawkes:
This technology really has a purpose.
We love crypto! If nobody else will do it, we will! We believe in it.
Check out he summary from 2018 exciting times ahead.
We have a great community. Anybody can join in and help. More innovations to come.

Shout out the community for everything!

A draw for the community. The winner is @GDD PIRL USER .

One more surprise from masterdubs he has upgraded everybody in attendance 1 gig for free in PirlPosedion.

2 442 00 GB/m Bandwidth
3256 GB RAM
1628 CPU Cores
16 280 GB storage space
814 endpoints on 6 continents

This is the last meeting for 2018.

Enjoy the holidays.
The team is on holidays as well.
See you next year.

Over and out,