Round Table 12.01.2019


Date: January 12, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


1:00 masterdubs:

Happy new year, this is our first Roundtable meeting of the year.

1:45 Fawkes:

Happy new year, asks community for questions.

2:30 masterdubs:

I’m happy with some community contributions like marketing. Shout out some community members @ClaudioPirl for his contribution and @numnah for his Kb article using IPFS and PirlCloud. And @niklas-e for his contribution. Here is a link It’s a monetary policy. Hosted on PirlCloud

4:00 Fawkes:

Talks about PirlGuard and marketing it. It’s open source and free for anyone. We will advertise PirlCloud and PirlTube. PirlGuard is something the team wanted to share with everyone making the blockchain more secure which is better for the technology. For example, Ethereum classic got attacked. There are huge risks for anyone, storing value on the chain that’s not protected.

5:15 masterdubs:

Fun fact, around Ethereum classic the attacker refunded 100 k to the exchange.

6:30 Fawkes:

Asks @niklas-e to present his work in a line or two.

6:55 niklas-e:

Responds in text that there was a suggestion to make a monetary policy based on live data. It’s all hosted on PirlCloud.

7 :20 masterdubs:

Recap on what’s going on. We upgraded the nodes to fix a few bugs. After this we can start to commit to new stuff. More security is a priority. We will enable more IPFS for marlin functionality. We will integrate the website deplorer, so you will be able to upload a website. Just click and deploy. We have done some testing but now we need a big scale test. My trip was good. Baggage was lost. I will get a reply from the state around the January 18th. I had a meeting with the state, they had a few questions. How Pirl works. It’s hard because you are talking to politicians and you only have a few hours to explain blockchain. They like the idea, we will wait and see.

11:00 Fawkes:

This is the difference between normal hosting and website hosting. When you’re storing a web app or site right now you’re just using the IPFS hash this is not the right website hosting, but we can use it for testing. Later the functionality will point a website then you will get the / IPNS for website hosting.

12:00 masterdubs:

It will be simplified, you will upload a zip file with all your data. It will be deployed and return the hash of the root of the folders that you can use to redirect to you website. iPfs is cool but it needs improvements it has drawbacks.

What do we need to achieve? We need to improve security, 51% is bad. There are more attacks. Lots more to solve, we will develop. We will enable easy entry with PirPay and security that will be a good year. We have a plan. But we can adapt.


We try to follow the plan but be flexible as needed. If we keep being flexible and good with development, we have a set up to go far.

14:00 masterdubs:

People can still contribute to the code on our getlab. PirlGuard is open source the more help the better. If you want to help with the docs, please help out.

15:00 Fawkes:

Egm has implemented PirlGuard and are happy with it. We’re getting interest from penetration testing people. It’s going well. We had some penetration attempts today. We have been monitoring, it’s getting nowhere. A guy was trying to sybill attack us. It didn’t work because we have 900 MasterNodes. It would work on other networks but not ours. Someone would have to have 901 nodes for this to work. It’s unrealistic at the moment.

17:30 materdubs:

This seems to be the new way of making money is to attack.

17:45 MineAllen:

The easies way would be to buy up all the Pirl on Cryptopia. It would cost you billions of dollars to execute this type of attack.

18:00 Fawkes:

The Cybill attack was done to unguard PirlGuard. It didn’t work. The attacker didn’t consider our MasterNode network. If you have suggestions for the website. Please use the suggestion channel. Watch for updates.

19:00 masterdubs:

We will do a webpage for PirlGuard. Shout out to AGM for using PirlGuard and mentioning Pirl on their website.

19:30 Fawkes:

Expanse is also interested in PirlGuard they have added us to their partnership page. We’re still waiting to hear from them. They have other priority’s. Music coin has also added PirlGuard. Ether 1 is also looking for a solution. They will test our solution. That makes 4 projects that we’re aware of. The next step for PirlGuard is for other developers from other algorithms to make it work for their algorithm.

21:30 Phatblinkie:

For coin operators an attack is in hindsight. They’re not looking proactively when there is a solution out there.

22:00 Fawkes:

We have been under attack. Someone trying to Ddos the nodes, it’s got nowhere. It was going on for about 2 hours today. We expect more and more attacks on the Pirl network.

22:45 [0x1337]:

Someone was clearly attacking every node on the network. It’s great to be attacked like this as we can now evaluate the work we have done. With the 51 attack it had to come to our doorstep to be mitigated. As more test come we will make our code better.

24:00 Fawkes:

This wasn’t a SSH attack they were basically trying to shut down every node.

24:20 masterdubs:

I just got news about the chain we already spoke about the algorithm change. People are pushing progppow but they have a company behind them . Here is a link. This is why we don’t want to implement them. We want to implement our own algorithm but it’s not priority. The priority is security.

25:40 Minerallen:

As now completed his security course. Congrats!!

26:30 masterdubs:

A little background on @Phatblinki he’s good at breaking stuff. We’re getting stronger and stronger. @Tptelecom is becoming a coder as well, on the website end.

28:30 Fawkes:

In the coming months we will be working on PirlCloud, Poseidon update, PirlApp update keep an eye out.

28:45 masterdubs:

We’re moving everything to PrilCloud this means we will drop all severs. The website the docs and everything will be moved to the decentralized platform. We’re starting test with egm team to test and try to break it. More on that later .

29:30 Fawkes:

There is still lots to do before we start new projects. On the marketing side we have been doing a great job internally as a team. The dev team is always producing new stuff to share. The marketing for the new year is exciting. We will be focusing on products. Each product will have its own market. Each product will have its own separate service. Covering more areas like business services and more.

32:30 Fawkes:

PirlCloud is still in alpha stages. If the community could report all crashing, this helps out a lot.

33:00 masterdubs:

PirlCloud still needs some work and some integration. The load balancer was built from scratch. It’s not a copy paste, we built it. Therefore, we don’t want market it to much yet. This is why we offer free storage at the moment. We want to break it. We’re still in the testing period.

Get on PirlCloud and test it. Large files are working well. The files are in good shape when the transfers are complete. There are great uses coming up.

34:30 phatblinkie:

If you were at the last meeting nd you want your extra storage. Please upload something to your PirlCloud then go on Poseidon and upload something, your name will show up on my end. Then pm me for your extra storage.

35:00 Fawkes:

PirlCloud is something interesting for us to use. 1 gig of decentralized load balanced storage. This is something you will have to pay for monthly. We want and appreciate all feedback.

36:45 Phatblinkie:

Everybody is getting 100 MB for free. We’re a small team. We need more testing. We appreciate anybody to upload scenarios. More help the better.

37:30 masterdubs:

We have tried multiple gigs at a time and its working great as well. No fading. It took about 20 min to upload 5 gigs.

38:30 MinerAllen:

As a small tea we can’t test every country on all computers on all operating systems. Firewalls country’s we can’t do at all. We need the community’s help for testing.

39:45 masterdubs:

Please add suggestions to the suggestion channel. We will add a suggestion section to the main website.

40:30 Fawkes:

The PirlTube suggestions worked great. All reports have been cleared out. There will be an updated version coming soon with 40 suggestions from the community.

41:15 masterdubs:

Deleting files fom PirlCloud isn’t possible now. IPFS is immutable. You always have a risk that your file is on the network. You can’t guarantee it will be deleted. It will flush when there is more room needed on the server. F5 f5 f5.

44:30 Phat:

There are some updates coming. We will be polishing everything.

45:30 Fawkes:

This is our first week back for the new year. There will be some new stuff coming down the pipe we will let you know more when we know.

47:00 masterdubs:

Peer to peer network will be worked on very soon. Step by step were moving away from Ethereum. When we get bigger we will create our own code. We want to implement more security and immutability on the network.

47:30 Fawkes:

The Pirl network holds a unique infrastructure. Our capacity is large. On the blockchain side we need to scale to improve the infrastructure.

48:00 masterdubs:

We started to upgrade the nodes. We took bug fixes from eth. But this takes time because we have fixed the code, so we must merge the two.

49:00 Fawkes:

It will be a year for more use cases, security and infrastructure. Our infrastructure sets us apart from anybody out there. We’re a step ahead of others. This will allow us to bring use cases with real decentralization. PirlTube is an example of proof of concept of what we can do.

50:20 masterdubs:

We will upgrade our p2p network. Make it more reliable.

51:00 [0x1337]:

For p2p as soon as the node connects to the network it knows the whole network. So eventually he will know all the network peers. Any network transaction can be correlated to a Ip address or server or whatever. This is a security issue. Also, as soon as you have a whole map of the network it can be much easier to plan an attack vector. P2p is very stable and good right now but it has this vulnerability inside the code. It doesn’t meet our needs. This will be a priority just not yet. This is a serious block chain challenge. We will pick our battles one by one.

52:40 masterdubs:

We all have lots of ideas, the problem now is to pick which ones to prioritize.

53:15 [0x1337]:

On the p2p isn’t just security because we got a ddos attack today the network can handle it unless someone has more MasterNodes than us then they could attack the whole rest of the network.

55:30 Fawkes:

PirlApp update is coming soon. Once we move with the official release on desktop then after that will be the mobile version.

PirlApp is written in a framework that’s written for mobile. It will need some tweaking.

57:30 masterdubs:

JavaScript is working on the network that’s what PirlTube is built on as well as Nicola e page. So that proved. On our side we use cli. With Poseidon you upload a zip file we will host it for you.

58:00 Fawkes:

You can easily host smart contracts in the backend, JavaScript in the front end. Upload on PirlCloud infrastructure.


Limitations is you cannot make server-side stuff. It’ only client side. For server-side stuff you can still use smart contracts.

Rendering and such can be done on the client side rather than on a server.

Meeting finished, think of more questions for the next meeting.

Over and out,