Round Table 19.01.2019


Date: January 19, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


1:30 Fawkes:

This will be a shorter meeting today. Asks community for questions.

We don’t know if @masterdubs will make it to the meeting today.

As for news about the company, next week we will have news about it. We will let the community know as soon as possible. At this stage what is clear is we will have some news about the company next week.

The Cryptopia situation is awful, it’s out of our hand’s, there is nothing we can do from our end. All we can do is track our main address in Cryptopia, so far all of our funds are still there. Following the events there seems to be an in-depth investigation, there is a task force involved. This process could take a very long time. There is no data saying it’s a inside job. We don’t know how long this will go. We need more official information.

5:00 masterdubs:

Arrives to the meeting. (Fawkes catches dubs up to the meeting.)

We’re still waiting for word from the state, when I have the information I will share it with you.

A statement about Cryptopia: We don’t have any relationship with Cryptopia, we aren’t in any communication with anybody there. We don’t know any answers. We know that there is still around 3 million Pirl still on the site, we don’t know when they will open. It could be months. Don’t store coins on a exchange! It’s not safe.

6:30 Fawkes:

During the 51 % attack we could help to ensure the safety of your funds. With the Cryptopia attack we cannot do anything about it. This is 3rd party.

The minimum amount is 3 million. It could be more because there address is collecting the deposit’s regularly. It hasn’t been swept for a while so there could be much more Pirl in there. We don’t know. It could be 4-5 million. It’s been 92 days since its been swept.

We have Trezor and Ledger support.

9:00 Fawkes:

PilPay is dependent on the company registration. After the company is registered we will be able to start the PirlPay and the exchange.

Once we have the company in place we will submit all of our new upgrades and documents to the exchanges and re apply. We have done a lot since the last round. We have a lot to show. With the new legal status this is the time to move and knock on the doors. With the company we have everything in place.

We wont be looking into a paid exchange. This is changing. Listing fees are a scam. If you have a legal project with a good product. There is no reason they can deny us.

11:30 masterdubs:

There are no plans to change the monitory policy.

12:00 Fawkes:

Talks about changing the monetary policy and how the USA does it. They just Print money. Our policy will not change. We don’t want to just keep ‘printing’ Pirl.

14:00 numnah:

Talks about experiences with IPFS. How he drags and drops his whole file into PirlCloud not knowing its immutable, goes on to share the ways he’s creating documents for Pirl and how all of the photos and snippets in the documents are all stored on IPFS. He also says how he was interacting and using the Pirl infrastructure. Really easy and really cool even for a amateur.

17:00 Fawkes:

Even we can’t fit into our heads what the capability’s are. There are many ways this can be used. It can help with censorship and control. There is lots to touch on in terms on censorship.

Not only china but in Europe and USA they do not make it noticeable but there is a lot of censorship that we’re not aware of.

18:30 masterdubs:

You often think you live in a country of democracy, when in fact it’s not!

Everything on PirlCloud is public if somebody has the link it is live they will be able to read it.

19:45 Fawkes:

PirlCloud has two directions the one is PublicStorage and PrivateStorage. What you have right now is PublicStorage with the current network and Pirl Content MasterNodes. This is like a content distribution network. decentralize, immutable distribution network.

Private storage will come with the Pirl Storage MasterNodes. Where you can privately store encrypted data on a decentralized network.

21:42 masterdubs:

You will be able to upload your website, I will make a proof of concept with Phatblinkie.

Also we will start the migration of our website to IPFS. Step by step.

22:45 Fawkes:

In IPFS so single node is the owner of a specific file. Every file inside IPFS is getting replicated and put onto multiple nodes. The file flows around the network.

23:45 masterdubs:

The files are not stored as plain text. You don’t have a file system like a node. Its small chunk of that block and you can’t see it as a owner. The only way you can see a file is if you have the hash of the file. Then you have to download it and reconstruct the file to see what is in the file.

If you upload to google you’re responsible for your file. Same as this.

You can see hash on a node. But you only see hash not a description. You don’t know what it is until you open it. Like a kinder surprise!

26:00 Fawkes:

We will have terms of use to free us of responsibility. We will be open to cooperate with the authorities.

27:15 masterdubs:

We don’t know what the future holds for technology. It’s a cat and mouse game.

28:15 Fawkes:

We don’t own the content we cannot track it.

28:30 masterdubs:

If we take the case that we close the company. The content is still there. It’s a coin that’s actively traded. You have a self sustaining eco system. There is no master key to destroy the network.

30:45 Fawkes:

We will have a single document with terms of use, and policies. This is a wild beast in terms or rules and regulations.

31:30 masterdubs:

Talks of Apple and the FBI and how they handled situations regarding the law and information stored on the network.

If you want to access data on the PirlCloud it’s public. On the private storage. You will be the only owner of the key. If the law enforcement want wants information that’s stored in the Private PirlCloud they will have to ask the owner as we will not have the key information.

We know what is Posted because of Poseidon. In the future we will be billing people.

PirlPoseidon works with smart contracts. It makes easy access.

33:45 Fawkes:

PirlApp doesn’t rely on any infrastructure. No single point of failure.

35:45 masterdubs:

@oxenhouse has made some Pirl swag. We will publish it soon. There will be hats and more.

There will be a new version of PirlTube and PirlApp soon. Maybe next week.

Cryptopia is down. Don’t store your coins on exchanges.

Over and out,