Round Table 26.01.2019


Date: January 26, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


4:00 masterdubs:

Hi everybody

Happy birthday to Dennis DPtelecom.

Asks community for questions.

As for the country that the company is located I don’t want to disclose the location of the company just yet. We got the company license, this is cool! It allows us to do everything we want to do. There are 2 steps. First, we need to start the company and complete all legal requirements.

After that we can then start working on PirlPay e-comers will be able to do fiat to crypto then crypto to fiat using Pirl directly. This will be a complete package, we will be able to provide a lot of services for the Pirl community. So, the news of the company doesn’t seem big, but in truth in a really big deal it makes us free to continue our business.

This is a new service that will be disclosed and started by us. We must start small and then we will adjust. There is still lots of work to do with the company. Lots of paperwork, set up an office. I plan to move there. We will target the biggest e-comers plugins. We will try integration one on one. This will be open source.

11:00 Phat:

We want wide spread adoption. We must start somewhere. It can’t start with amazon or Ebay plus were creating the product. We’re just getting on the road to start putting our own stuff out there to start creating some sort of market value. Without doing any other crazy tricks that other coins do.

12:00 masterdubs:

It will be easy to use plug ins. You will be able to have a mobile app that you can take payments receive payments and so on. It will be easy to use. You can also partition the way you receive payments 10 percent fiat 90 percent Pirl if you want. We will also integrate ‘know your customer’.

As far as other coins that are doing the same thing as Pirl, we don’t know if there is anybody else out there doing the same stuff as us.

13:45 Phat:

The registered company that we have allows us to form legal partnerships with legit companies. The future api that we develop will be open source. We want to start a Pirl exchange. First step is building the platform.

14:15 masterdubs:

For the exchange the first step is to make it. We will put Pirl on the exchange. Then after that if there are coins that have value, real value with a good development core team with uniqueness. We will help them. We don’t want to be the next shit exchange.

15:00 Phat:

Our chain will work the with arc 20 tokens. We should eventually get some on our chain. If you’re going to create a token, you want the backing layer to be very large that’s world wide with as many nodes as possible. Currently Pirl has about 1000 nodes backing up its system. We have been around for over a year and have legal company backing us. There are not a lot of ethash coins that can boast what we have. We want tokens to come in. We want people to make games and apps things that are real world deliverable. If anybody knows or wants to make a token, please do.

16:20 masterdubs:

We are still making lots of improvements. Example, now we have released a new node version with lots of bug fixes. Some people are calling crypto the wild west. For Pirl its not the wild west other coins are about hype because they say they will do this that and that. Then they only accomplish 10 percent of what they say. This is not the goal of Pirl. Therefore, we went with a legal company. This will help provide security for our users.

Pirl is now in a completely new world. The second part of the plan is adoption, now we can reach this with PirlPay and our fiat gateway.

We will now be able to sell to companies. We will be able to invoice them. We couldn’t do this before without the company. We have more endpoints than Microsoft. This is a massive step for Pirl and all the MasterNode holders as you will be getting more rewards. We have an enterprise class network.

When we talk about security tokenization you talk about company shares. We will have a new PirlApp version coming out for both windows and mac.

We want real feedback from real people about our products. We don’t care about advertising at them moment. Tell the real facts about what we do. What you love about it and spread the news. If you go to there should be a link there with a button share.

24:00 masterdubs:

We will have some websites for testing coming. The perks of a company like stated above, we will be able to sign legal contracts and provide more services. We can make an exchange fiat to crypto or vise versa and make it, so it’s used everywhere.

Phat shares his site hosted Ipfs. No plans or contracts in terms of e-commers. We will have plugins, we will need to test.

Poseidon shows lots of stats about the MasterNode. Yes, we’re thinking about a real decentralized exchange, but its not the main priority at the moment. It will be included in PirlServices later. Most counties will be allowed Fiat to crypto. Very little will be excluded.

Storage MasterNode will happen later this year. There is lots of work to be done on it as we must develop the IPFS part of it not until after the summer.

31:50 [0x1337]:

MimbleWimble is interesting. For the moment were looking into it. I have been looking into since the beginning of it. We need to think how we will use it. Its different. We could implement. It has its ups and downs. We will have it as a protocol. How we will use it? we don’t know. We will build it, use test-net, See the complications. We’re a company we have legal obligations. We need to be protected if we must use it. I can present my implementation and we can take it from there.

Whatever we do its open source (PirlGuard) we just want credit.

39:00 minerAllen:

You can use MimbleWimble as means to hidden dex transactions. As an exchange user I don’t want anybody to know what I’m buying or selling MimbleWimble can been good in this sense.

39:30 [0x1337]:

There is lots about MimbleWimble that’s interesting. It’s still young. Its very interesting. The dandelion peer to peer is nice, so we can have a more secure MasterNode network. In terms of MimbleWimble for private transactions we must look at it more closely. We will have test net set up in the further.

40:00 masterdubs:

We will look at it deeper before making anymore decisions.

42:30 [0x1337]

We have been working on it for some time. It contains some bug fixes, a new geth. It has a new implementation of Pirl as well as new security, we expect it to behave much better than the last one. Because it contains more bug fixes on our side as well as the geth side. It’s much faster on the sync.

44:45 masterdubs:

We fixed a lot of stuff like memory leaks and to many files open.

If you download the new PirlApp you will be able to have a lite node version. Meaning you won’t have your node on your computer. We will soon enable the possibility to have a full node on your computer or use a remote node from a masternode.

45:00 [0x1337]:

MasterNode setup’s with OneClick are taking under 5 minutes Login credentials are correctly protected.

46:30 masterdubs:

We’ve had some problems with OneClick that we had to fix. We are working on it. There will be a fix soon.

48:00 numnah:

Gang waits on numnah. numnah, goes on to talk about PirlCloud and IPFS. How easy it is to use. You just drag and drop files into PirlCloud on the Poseidon site. You can use it for content management for your website.

49:30 phat:

You can upload your websites onto it with the help of masterdubs. If anybody has a website, they want hosted they can contact masterdubs to help guide you.

50:30 phat:

You will want to have your site in a zip file. Have your directory structure set up the way that it needs to be. Careful with mine types.

51:00 masterdubs:

Soon you will be able to upload your site your self on Poseidon.

If you want to buy more Pirl now that Cryptopia is down, you can buy it through We have good feedback from them.

We will move all docs to IPFS everything will be moved to IPFS. We should use our infrastructure.

All the roundtable videos will be hosted on PirlCloud. Sql and IPFS are not reliable. Were looking into our own solution.

IPFS is a file system, not a programing language. We’re exploring more about the real computation of MasterNodes. This will take lots of time and research. We have a lot of miners with a lot of GPU power. We’re thinking of ways to use it. Maybe create some sort of cluster.

Talk of finding aliens with our computing power.

59:23 [0x1337]:

We’re looking for a new solution in terms of algorithms. That’s no surprise. We have good hashing power. Going to a new algorithm would be a lot of work. This isn’t number one priority. We can change the algorithm super easy. We need a secure network and have solutions. Now is not the time. In the future. The team is here to react if we must. If we get attacked by some huge farm we will deal with it. Now we only have 100 giga hash. This is fine. There is no problem with this.

Meeting crashed. Meeting over

Over and out Numnah