Round Table 02.02.2019


Date: 2, 2, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.



Start of meeting banter.

8:00 Fawkes:

Asks community for questions. On the Pirl end it has been a week of work. Not many new things to show. (Maybe)

In terms of the exchange we have the government approval. We will be getting incorporated with this approval. We are very close to the end of the proposal.

Once we’re approved we will do another round of applications to exchanges. After all the documentation is ready with legal status there is no reason any exchange should not approve of us. We have a product and a working chain.

Incorporation will be done soon

12:30 masterdubs:

The current exchange to use is it’s safe, don’t leave your money on the exchanges. We also unlocked system coin, be careful with them and any other exchange. Keep your money in your wallet.

15:00 [0x1337]:

PirlGuard is there, it’s ready it doesn’t need any work. PirlTube will be out of beta very soon. PirlCloud and Poseidon are getting a lot of attention from our team. There is lots being done with a very small team.

15:45 Fawkes:

We commit to getlab, we rank number 7 out of 900 crypto projects. Our dev team is small. Lots is still in beta. Lots of proof of concepts are being built. PirlTube has had some massive upgrades and will be out of beta. PirlCloud is a proof of our network and its capability’s. We gave it to you not because it’s ready but because your part of the community. So, we’re testing and making it better and better as a community. This helps it be a community product.

17:30 masterdubs:

This is a product for all of us. We get community feedback. We know what we need to improve. We’re a small team. We don’t have an ICO and we still develop.

19:00 MinerAllen:

I’m really impressed with the Pirl team and what’s going on compared to some of the other crypto teams out there. Many are failing because of lack of funding. Our team is dedicated to Crypto and not getting rich quick.

20:00 Fawkes:

We get help from the community, numnah on the Docs and Nicolas on the website and other web development. As well MK with his support.

20:30 [0x1337]

We don’t need a 100-man team and 900 million per month. Things are getting done with Pirl.

21:40 masterdubs:

If you want to spend lots of money, it’s easy. Even if you don’t need it. Money can go fast so some time we have to say no we can’t do that. It’s important to survive.

Pirltube has a lag because I haven’t deployed the update. I need to fix some problems. I will update it soon. PirlCloud will drive usage you will be able to host your website, your content and your CDN. With that we can reach enterprise level. We will be able to make contracts with them. This will open up PirlPay with the fiat gateway. This will help the mainstream with adoption. We want to reach outside the crypto community.

24:45 Phatblinie:

So, this can be helpful. You can go to a site to host your website on a decentralized chain with an IPFS back end shared with thousands of nodes. Being able to have a fiat gateway right there turns end users that don’t know anything about block chain turns Pirl into the equivalent to buying credit, so they can start doing what they want to do without having to signup on a exchange or buy Pirl some other way or mine it. Instead the just use their credit card.

25:30 Fawkes:

This is a different way to do business. There is a huge conventional market for stuff like this but in terms of decentralized markets nothing close to the conventional one. This is an interesting technology that can be used in other markets other than crypto. We’re entering a different business sphere. This is good because of the bear markets, this helps with different sources of income for the company.

26:40 masterdubs:

The license is the license for the exchange. It can convert crypto to fiat. The company will open our doors for business.

27:00 Fawkes:

More information will come out soon on an update of Pirl as a whole, stay tuned. You can’t have the name of files on IPFS it’s only the Hash. Soon you will have a dedicated hash where you can put everything. Otherwise its not possible.
Someone from the community can make a browser if they want. There are opensource browsers.

28:30 Phat:

File extensions get lost in translation. There is a way to fix this problem in the future. IPNS is a kind of name server. You will get your own private hash and you will upload the folders.


The ending hash you use will have the file extension on it. This will make it work a lot better.

29:40 masterdubs:

The road map is pretty much up to date. The roadmap isn’t fixed it’s always changing. We might update it a little bit.

31:11 MinerAllen:

All the roundtables have been uploaded to PirlTube. A lot of bugs were fixed this week on PirlTube.

32:00 masterdubs:

We have started the exchange coding. Here is the first draft. There is no ICO, it’s just us coding as normal. The name will be I will enable crypto just to test, after the testing we will enable to the gateway to fiat. This exchange will be the central point with the api, this means you will be able to interact with it, conversion services and so. The exchange is built from scratch, we hope to build it fast as f*ck. Our goal isn’t to beat Binance, our goal is to be secure and to be reliable. We want to make a user-friendly environment. Also, when an exchange goes down we don’t have to worry anymore.

34:00 Fawkes:

Always the case with Pirl, people keep on asking how we plan to beat YouTube with PirlTube? We don’t, the plan is to build a complete ecosystem and complete experience. So, when you are in the Pirl ecosystem you have Pirl to fiat exchange, video sharing platform, messaging systems, PirlCloud, content, blogs with no political censorship. We don’t want to beat anybody like amazon or Youtube. We just want to make a complete ecosystem for the Pirl users.

35:15 masterdubs:

It will be a hybrid we don’t want to release to much detail. It will be used as an exchange but all Pirl services will revolve around. A bit like Coinbase. There will also be Pirl exchange where you trade and so on. You need both because you need the exchange to get the volume to be able to swap the coin. PirlExchange will support other coins. We need to pick some good coins. We don’t plan to put big fees either we don’t care about that, we also don’t want to list all the coins in the world. Other coins will be listed to get more volume.
This is a entry and a exit of the eco-system. Contributions for the docs are welcome. There is documentation on how to do documentation. Translating documentation is the next step. In term of security and our exchange we have Phat and MinerAllen who both have their security. We have a great team.

45:30 Fawkes:

There is no unbreakable system. There are good practices in security. There are a lot of people that can help us in and outside the team.

45:45 masterdubs:

About the cold wallet, sometimes I prefer to say you will have you withdraw in 12 hrs people will know it from the start. But I prefer people unhappy and keep them secure rather than have a security breach then nobody is happy.

46:00 [0x1337]

We were approached by a researcher wanting money to attack our system. He talked about the 51 percent attack then a sybill attack. This attack wont work because of our MasterNode network, ddos is hated. Its very hard with Pirl because of our network. PirlGuard secures our network. It can be a platform for other networks. The Cybill attack didn’t work on our network because it’s very healthy and all the MasterNodes. Thanks for the attack and then telling us. Thanks for the free test.

51:00 Fawkes:

PirlGuard is now on 4 other chains. More talk of attacking.

52:00 masterdubs:

Even if we have the best product in the world we will still be always updating being active rather than re active.

53:00 Fawkes:

It’s always a race. All that matters is you trust the people behind the technology who handle it. We never want to say something is un hackable. You never know what will happen. 51 percent attack on us was good as it shows how we can react when we need to.

54:00 [0x1337]

Yes, it’s true nothing is un-hackable. With blockchain things are immutable so the goal is to tighten things up. We’ve done this, we will continue to-do this in the future. We have a good start. We’re proud of not only PirlGuard but also how many nodes we have and this comes from the Pirl community.

55:30 Fawkes:

Almost every chain is getting attacked right now.

55:40 MinerAllen:

I saw this coming a while ago when a company dropped the stats on how much it would cost to 51 percent attack different POW coins.

57:00 Fawkes:

It’s estimated 3-5 million on cryptopia. 44 percent locked up in nodes. 200k Pirl on stex.

Over and out,