Round Table 02.09.2019


Date: Febuary 9 , 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.



Start of meeting banter.


The team is from all around the world Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Belgium, Holland.

7:00 masterdubs:

Welcomes the new team members, new members say a few words;

Lyndros: I love computers, I’m new to crypto. Since I was a child I have been working hard. I’ve had several companies. I’ve worked on many different projects. Now I’m looking for new challenges. That’s why I’m here! Thank you for letting me join the team.

10:30 Fawkes:

Keeping your information private in crypto is fine, it’s a new industry, everyone starts somewhere, sometimes you don’t want exposure.

Niklas-e; I’m from Finland I’ve been doing web development for 8 years in a full-stack roll. For around 4 years I’ve been involved in architectural designee, so I know a little bit from that end as well. Web development as well.

12:30 Fawkes:

This was a part of the team were missing, all the suggestions about the website and the revamp. Niklas-e is now here to help with this stuff. If you have any other suggestions for the site, please share it with us.

13:00 masterdubs:

numnah has also joined the team although he’s not so new numnah’s now part of the team.

numnah: Friendly Canadian here, not as tech as most of you. Owned a chain of skateboard, snowboard shops in Canada for 15 years. Took break from the industry and went to complete an IT course through Google. Got into crypto and investing, started doing some docs and writing the round table meetings for Pirl. Also learned Markdown to help with being a contributor.

15:30 Fawkes:

The team is growing, it’s very exciting. There is a lot to do. This allows for a lot of growth in the future. This is the right time to be growing. We’re very optimistic on how this technology is growing, not only blockchain but the way Pirl utilizes the blockchain with all the other layers to help make it decentralized. With content hosting and the MasterNodes, in general the future is coming with encrypted storage. These are things we don’t have to repeat.

If there are questions that are not in the FAQ. You can ask me @Fawkes and I can reward you for the question if it’s a relevant question.

You can style this and put it as a document and you will receive 100 Pirl for this contribution to documents. You can also upload it to the GIT @Dptelecome can help with this.

There is a guide inside the documents that describes how you can contribute.

19:40 masterdubs:

About the country where the company will be located. I received some papers this week I shared them with the team. I will share more with the Pirl community next week.

20:00 Fawkes:

To help with the docs, it’s a Hugo implementation. It’s quite simple if you check out the docs.

20:30 masterdubs:

The company is on a good track to be completed.

21:00 Phatblinkie:

masterdubs has shared with the team the location of the company. We can validate it’s website is listing Pirl. We can’t divulge where it’s located yet. First person to find the publication will get 500 pirl from phatblinkie if you guess right.

22:14 masterdubs:

In total this could take around 3 weeks to get all the documents in order.

24:00 MinerAllen:

We don’t manage or talk to Cryptopia, don’t hold your coins on an exchange. Do your transfers and get it off the exchanges so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck.

24:35 masterdubs:

PirlEx will be basically be CoinBase but for Pirl. Just swap your token for money or money for token. We don’t want to make a Binance type of exchange.

It’s not a trading platform so much more like an actual exchange. You will be able to trade for a couple of different coins because we need volume for the exchange. It will not be a trading platform. We shouldn’t have any problems in terms of dealing with other countries.

26:45 Fawkes:

If you want to build something on the Pirl network you can contact the Pirl team, we can help with any information needed.

We have opened bounties for documentation. We are always open to community contributions. This project is for the people by the people ever since it was created.

1) Never keep your coins on an exchange.

2) Spread the hash if you’re a miner, this helps with decentralization.

3) Never mine to an exchange.

These are the 3 Golden rules!

Wattpool is new. Check it out.

30:00 Phatblinkie:

I think it would be cool if somebody made a music sharing service.

30:22 masterdubs:

You could do something like that using Posedion and smart contracts. It’s kind of like PirlTube.

30:45 Fawkes:

We’re looking for a UI and a UEx guy if anybody knows send them our way. We’re short on this. We have a couple applications that are ready to come out of beta, we have the backend. We need to get as close to traditional user experience as possible. we don’t want people to feel so alienated when experiencing blockchain technology.

34:00 masterdubs:

Meeting over! Shout out to all the new guys. Bye

Over and out, numnah

Over and out,