Round Table 02.16.2019


Date: February 16, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


4:00 masterdubs:

Asks the Pirl community for questions.

PirlEx will be like CoinBase but for Pirl. It will be very simple and nice. There will be two parts to PirlEx. The first part you will put your credit card onto PirlEx and you will buy Pirl. The second part will be a real trading platform with a few coins to trade. We don’t want to be a huge exchange. That’s not the goal. This will help with the all in one platform that we’re creating.

6:30 Socal:

KYC- Know Your Customer will be implemented in PirlEx. It’s pretty much the standard around the world currently.

7:00 masterdubs:

This is one of the reasons PirlEx won’t be on Poseidon.

7:30 Socal:

Creating PirlEx will make it so the user has an easy to access on ramp to purchase Pirl. This will be part of the all in one package. Also, you won’t have to pay as many fees to do the multiple exchanges it takes to get money to Pirl now.

8:45 Phatblinkie:

There are other reasons for wanting to build PirlEx. Most exchanges charge way too much money to get listed. They often get hacked. Being able to provide our own payment services will be a great addition.

9:15 masterdubs:

Another huge reason is it takes away the fear of being de-listed.

10:00 Socal:

How the pricing will be based is up to the market. We won’t be regulating the price. It will be a free market

11:00 masterdubs:

We don’t want to influence the market because that’s cheating. We don’t want to cheat.

PirlPay will be like a point of sale.

11:15 masterdubs:

The software that will drive PirlEx is rather complicated we want to implement it all correctly. It will take some time.

11:45 Socal:

PirlEx will be paired with USD and the Euro maybe more as time goes on. When PirlEx is live that doesn’t mean we won’t still be on other exchanges. We just want to simplify the process of on ramping onto Pirl.

13:30 masterdubs:

There is a possibility that Egem will be on PirlEx, we will talk to them.

When we release PirlEx it’s not just for Pirl. The purpose is to push Pirl and to push usability. If a token makes sense, we will think about putting it on PirlEx. As for the release date of PirlEx, I won’t say until I know for sure. We want to make sure the security is OK we need it to be 200 percent right.

It’s best not to put an ETA on development like this. We don’t want a hard deadline.

16:30 Fawkes:

What really matters is you guys see the results. When you see results you see that Pirl is growing, the team is growing.

17:00 masterdubs:

We need to take time. It needs to be secure.

17:20 Fawkes:

Every step in the right direction is being worked on.

18:00 masterdubs:

About the security of PirlEx, the best security are the ones you don’t speak about. We will make some audits it will be a huge point for us.

18:15 Fawkes:

We have a few people on the team that are really into security. MinerAllen, Phat, Victor and George. MinerAllen is a white-hat. If we need to hire a third party to do an audit, we will. It’s top priority for us. We will do everything in our power to keep our people safe.

20:00 masterdubs:

Another idea that we’re pushing. Coins are coming to us to implement PirlGuard. We will do it for a fee. We will charge them in Pirl not in bitcoin, USD or Euro. This is a business case we want to develop. We want to open a security department. We want to offer and develop blockchain security. This is a real business case. This will help with us create more money. More demand for Pirl.

22:00 Fawkes:

Steven Segal is now a fan boy of Pirl. He’s an ambassador for the coin that we just implemented PirlGuard on.


Egem team member is in the chat.

24:00 tresdk:

Introduces him self to the team. I’m a graphic designer from the south of Spain. I do web design, 3d graphics, and a little back end and server-side stuff. I want to expand my knowledge of crypto, I love the crypto markets. I have lots of experience in graphic design. I’m here to do work!

25:00 Fawkes:

This is what we’re looking for in the team.

Shoutout to our community!

Shoutout to the Egem community!

26:45 masterdubs:

I don’t have any news on Cryptopia. Any news we get from them will be passed onto the community. Chance’s are we will all find out together from their twitter. They say they can open. As far as we know only Ethereum wallets were hacked on Cryptopia. The Pirl funds are still in the Pirl wallet as far as we know.

28:00 Fawkes:

We think all they had exposed are the Ethereum wallets. Link to the wallet here.

29:00 masterdubs

It’s strange how Cryptopia handled everything.

The new node is ready. You can check it out on our Gitlab. The node is there you can update. The MasterNode release will be coming in the near future. We will release PirlEx and PirlPay. We will have PirlCloud as well. The goal after that is to market it. We will have an API so people can build on it as well. Gobitcoin is our security department we want to build.

I want to thank the team and Fawkes for helping me with the business plan. Pirl’s new home is in Mauritius. Pirl has a sandbox license. Here is a press release.

34:00 Fawkes:

This is not just an incorporation. It’s one of the first batches of regulatory sandbox licenses. Making Pirl a actual blockchain technology company. We’re one of the first blockchain technology companies. The sandbox license allows the government to be flexible and allow areas of business through blockchain that are not yet regulated. The difference with Malta is they give you a strict license that is regulated. It doesn’t have the flexibility. It gives you a specific license for one thing. The sandbox license allows the company to work with the government to come up with new regulations. There are five company’s in this first batch of licenses.

36:30 masterdubs:

I will be moving there. It’s a more open space for Pirl. I have more projects in mind for Pirl but that won’t be for another year. I want to push a blockchain academy. I must move there. I don’t want to make an offshore, I can do that in company in 5 min.

37:45 Fawkes:

We don’t want another offshore company. We want to have a head quarters, work with the government, open things like the blockchain academy. This is just the beginning, it’s a huge milestone for the project.

38:00 masterdubs:

It’s official you can check the website for the documentation. This allows us to be legal to make contracts with other companies to sell or products. It will also allow the community to spend Pirl in real life.

I will be moving in July. After my wedding.

41:15 Fawkes:

Everyone is welcome to come check it out. It will be nice to have co working spaces, the academy and more.

42:00 masterdubs:

We really want to educate people on the blockchain.

Mauritius a nice place. It is a tourist place although the thing with Mauritius is they want to be the financial capital of Africa. This will open a lot of doors. They Have good internet, good financial banking like HSBC so it’s really connected to the world. It’s nice there!

44:30 Fawkes:

In time maybe, we will get some locals to work for Pirl also, some of the team will maybe move as time goes on. But for now, its only dubs moving. Our team can work from anywhere in the world.

The team is on multiple different contents.

47:00 masterdubs:

The project has been funded and started by me. I didn’t want to bring in outside investors that I had to answer to. This isn’t a venture capital investment. If you want to help the Pirl project buy some Pirl! The Pirl company won’t hold the Pirl blockchain it will develop the blockchain its two different parts. We’re not a security.

51:30 Fawkes

What we need to get listed on exchanges, is to show them how we test, show them we’re a legit company and many exchanges want a lot of money.

52:40 masterdubs:

We have some Pirl goods coming out. Starting with stickers for the community. The community is growing. Our team is growing, exciting times ahead.

Over and out