Round Table 02.23.2019


Date: February 23, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


Regular start of meeting banter

4:45 masterdubs:

Welcomes the community to the meeting.

Ask’s the community for questions.

We have a new service in place. Phatblinkie will talk about it.

5:00 Phatblinkie:

We get a lot of support requests. They come in at all times of the day or night. They don’t get tracked very well. We have put in a support ticket system. You can email it. It will generate a ticket for you. You can track it. Moving forward there will be service level agreements and for other services we create, this system will help us. It’s part of a bigger picture. The email is

7:00 masterdubs:

Later there will be a website for this. I want to keep it simple that’s why we’re using the email system for now. If you need to change or are having problems with Poseidon and your two-factor authentication you now have an email you can contact for support. You just need to provide us with your user name and email that is registered with Posedion. We will deactivate it for you please use the email thanks.

I want to go over the financial statement for Pirl as it was asked on Twitter. The process for Mauritius was very difficult we made a 40-page business plan. They checked everything. Our finical statements, if we can pay the people. It was very difficult to write this plan; the plan went very deep. Therefore, we are confident.

10:00 Fawkes:

The government of Mauritius has a department of specialist, who’s primary focus is the FinTech companies. They’ve done their research on us. In the business plan we explained how we will expand locally and globally. And our plans for expansions in the years ahead. Why the world needs what Pirl can bring to the table. This is what we need! We’re so excited. Out of all the projects out there, we’re in the batch of the first 5 it means so much to us. Document requirements. Link

11:45 masterdubs:

They did a criminal record and background check.

13:00 Fawkes:

For the people who weren’t in attendance for the last meeting we announce the sandbox license from Mauritius’s. We told the community what it’s about you can check out the last round table for more information.

We try to be as transparent as possible even with the Roundtable meetings. All questions are welcome at the roundtables.

14:50 masterdubs:

PirlEx won’t be decentralized we will be dealing with fiat. It’s pretty much impossible to be decentralized with Fiat.

16:30 Fawkes:

Talk of Binance, how many nodes they hold. They’re holding a permanent consensus. This is not decentralized. To list a coin, it cost’s 100k.

17:30 masterdubs:

PirlCloud is coming to the wallets/PirlApp, this is something that we’ve been working on integrating. This is coming soon.

18:00 Phatblinkie:

One of the long-term goals of this project is to deliver content for lots of different things. Blockchain access, file storage access, app access, as well as services built on-top of that. You could store you files right now. There are still somethings to work out on the development end. We still plan to release another MasterNode that will be for private storage, that has yet to be released.

19:00 Fawkes:

It’s not so much a trading platform, more of an exchange. We want easy entry into the eco system. Not so much listing other assets. A good eco system has easy entry. This is what we want. You need easy entry. There will be fees. This is not a trading platform. This is an exchange.

21:05 masterdubs:

PirlEx will be the way to swap Pirl to fiat. This is the main goal. PirlEx will be linked to PirlPay for e-commerce and stuff like that. You will be able to split how you get paid 10% in fiat 90% in Pirl, or however you would like to split it.

Regarding the poll we made on twitter. PirlPay is in the lead, a lot of people want it.

22:36 Phatblinkie:

There is a huge vacuum for online payment services, fiat to crypto that have other services tied to them. Exchanges just want to suck up you funds with all sorts of fees. We’re not trying to do that.

23:40 Fawkes:

Shout out to @shitcoinsherpa, thanks for the review. Feed back is always welcome. The public storage comes with the marlin network. PirlCloud will have public and private storage. With the content MasterNode we have, the public storage in the future for hosting websites and dApps. For delivering content to the MasterNode network around the globe.

The second part of the will be the storage MasterNodes that will provide encrypted private storage. Like google drive through a MasterNode network. Completely encrypted nobody will be holding a copy of the file. It will be the first of its kind.

26:40 masterdubs:

Pirl documents are now running on our own network.

People will be able to buy more space in the network when it’s ready.

27:00 Fawkes:

We have the hard part done. The way the infrastructure is, that was the hard part. The rest is the front gate.

27:45 masterdubs:

Yeah, we need to make it use and user friendly. Otherwise people will not use it.

There is no timeframe for PirlPay and PirlEx. There are a lot of security checks. There should be a beta ready this year. You will be able to implement it in your web shop. We will use plugins and need to test.

29:00 Fawkes:

Security is very important. You guys see what’s going on in the industry. This is a huge concern for us and is priority number one. When people’s money and investment are on the line its our job to see that it’s secure. You saw how we handled the 51% attack.

29:50 masterdubs:

About the 51% attack we’re in discussion with a few other coins to be their security, firewall and monitoring place.

We’re working on completely decentralized so it’s slow for the moment. For the moment it will be anonymously you will not require a phone number but in the future you can to retrieve your history. It will require a small fee for the transaction. It’s encrypted and it’s running on the Pirl chain. Each line is a transaction. It will be available for IOS and android. Only you and the guy on the other end have the keys. The information will not be stored in a database. The database is the blockchain.

35:00 Fawkes:

With the blockchain you can send a transaction, in the transaction, you can send text. You can send it not encrypted. You can also build complexly decentralized applications. The message only has 2 access points. There is no main key that holds this information.

36:00 masterdubs:

We want to create an advertisement, so you will use the chat app. Like watch this advertisement receive 10 Pirl to use the PirlChat.

37:00 Fawkes:

It will help with adoption. Right now, the process is very hard. One msg will cost nothing in terms of money. You’re paying for encrypted chat it cost next to nothing in terms of money. Like way less than a penny. We need easier adoption this is one way we can accomplish this. Even with one Pirl you will be able to send a lot of messages. Later on, we will have the fiat gateway then it will be as simple as click here send five dollars and fund your account with x amount of Pirl.

Decentralized chat, decentralized video sharing platform, decentralized marketplace, easy entry fiat and many other things all off this under one roof.

44:45 masterdubs:

PirlChat will be on iOS and android. It will be web based as well.

47:00 Fawkes:

On the PirlApp version you won’t need a MetaMask. You can use it on mobile. There are not many dApp’s on mobile. They don’t have internal functionality for paying the transactions. On PirlApp you will have internal wallet functionality it will be your wallet, you will have access to exchange, video application, video sharing chat encrypted data storage and more.

53:15 masterdubs:

We plan to be POW, of course we could implement other mechanisms, we’re not asic resistant atm, we will work on it in the future. It was a big concern before because of 51 percent attack. We have PirlGuard. There are 6 and counting protected by PirlGuard. If you want this ecosystem to advance it must be secure. We want to protect our investor.

Spread the hash, there are a lot of pools available. MK and Phat are very good pool operators. There are many options for pools. Setting up a pool is easy. Maintaining it is the hard part. It’s kind of like setting up a blockchain. No plans to launch a dev pool.


End of meeting banter.

Over and out,