Round Table 03.02.2019


Date: March 2, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


Start of meeting banter

4:00 masterdubs:

Welcomes community to the meeting.

As you can see in the media, we’re now on MasterNodes Pro.

This is for the premium MasterNode and the content MasterNode.

4:45 Fawkes:

Welcome aboard. Thanks to the MasterNode pro team. As some of you know we have been trying to get listed on here for a while but most of the coins are Dash coins and there wasn’t a way for the API from the nodes. They had to custom make us a new system, so they could list us. Thanks to Jason and dubs for coming up with a solution. We have been absent on such platforms, this is where investors learn about MasterNode coins and what they do. We are very happy with the MasterNode Pro team.

6:30 masterdubs:

We will have a monitoring system with MasterNode pro in the future. We will be working on that with them. We have some limits because of privacy.

7:30 Jason MasterNodePro:

Hi everyone, I’m Jason from MasterNode Pro. We spent almost a year to get everything integrated, the Pirl team got some good API’s made and here we are. Thanks to the Pirl team for all their hard work. I’m glad we got it online, next we will get the tracking system online.

8:30 masterdubs:

Thank you very much Jason, you guys are very professional. You know what you’re talking about. It’s great to talk with you.

9:00 Fawkes:

MNP team was on point. I reached out to them they responded immediately. Thanks so much to the team. We will participate activity in the MNP discord.

9:40 masterdubs:

It’s good to have it running even after a year, it means we’re both here after the bear market.

10:00 MNP

We tried hard for a whole year to get you guys listed. We know these coins have MasterNodes, it took us a long time to learn eth coding, then you guys came out with good documentation. This helped with the process.

11:00 masterdubs:

Its been great working with this team Callisto , we’re still talking a lot. We’re talking about everything. They implemented PirlGuard. They tested and its working. I’m happy they released PirlGuard.

11:45 Fawkes:

It was great, they got attacked and in under 48 hrs they had PirlGuard tested and installed on there blockchain. This is amazing. I like how this project responded. This helps the blockchain community. They have been thankful for our solution. They said thanks to us in every single way. They are not trying to hide that we did it. Other coins tried to hide that we provided a solution for them. We really love what Callisto is doing they’re operating on an entirely different level.

14:00 masterdubs:

There are now 7 chains on PirlGuard. We will make something with the coins listed or the coins using it. Music Coin got attacked. But they were protected because they have PirlGuard.

With Callisto when they did a press release they included the PirlGuard Logo. Talked about how opensource should work and the collaboration with other projects should work. We’re discussing win-win solutions for collaboration with this coin which is cool because this is rare in crypto.

17:30 Fawkes:

You see what happened with Ethereum classic. They have no government. We suggested PirlGuard for ETC, they didn’t want our support. We want to protect the blockchain. Talk of ETC government. As well, why it exists. They keep the code and wont change protocols. This doesn’t work.

Talk of people saying PirlGuard’s consensus is subjective; They say with PirlGuard an attack is still possible. Maybe this is true, but the way they suggest a possible attack is to make a combination of sybil attack and 51% attack. Making the consensus subjective isn’t right. Who’s the person who can get 2000 nodes to make a sybil attack? This is just another line of defense, nothing is impossible. It’s up to ETC on what they want to do.

22:45 masterdubs:

There is an article written by a guy from ETC saying they don’t care what happens. So, we will move on and work on our own products.

23:00 Fawkes:

We provide a free solution for those who want to implement it. We have joined their discord, trying to help. They don’t want our help. Callisto on the other hand had their chain protected in 48 hours, they want to protect their investors. ETC wants to be so decentralized that they don’t have the governance to decide on any solutions.

24:50 Fawkes:

We can’t blame ETC because 1 or 2 people because of their reactions.

25:30 masterdubs:

We don’t have a position on the 2miner and clo situation. That is their own problem. Everybody has stuff internal or external. We help where we can. We don’t have time for 3rd party nonsense. If chains don’t know how to implement PirlGuard. We can give them a price and we will do it for them. This helps to pay for stuff. We did this with another coin they paid for it. That is a goal. We’re happy to help with security systems. Selling a service will help pay for more development. We only accept Pirl for such services. So, if you want us to work on a project you must pay in Pirl. We are the same level as Komodo, we have the same amount of coins as them.

29:00 Fawkes:

The code is ETH code. A good developer could take this logic and develop it for any coin.

31:00 [0x1337]:

What Komodo did and what we did are different. They aren’t all chain consensus. You can’t compare the two together. If something happens to the bitcoin chain, all the coins that are not on the Komodo solution will be hit. So, this isn’t viable because you’re depended on them. As for PirlGuard this isn’t the case. Komodo is a paid solution. PirlGuard you implement on your own consensus. It’s just there. It’s your own protocol.

35:00 masterdubs:

We got the results form the Twitter poll. We’re working on PirlEX and PirlPay we have demand for PirlPay. We’re pushing hard for PirlPay to go into beta testing. PirlEx will contain Pirl, BTC, Euro and USA currencies. We will start with one or two currencies then grow step by step. We have some improvements on the PirlChat.

38:45 Fawkes:

We should start small and scale according. Otherwise we will have none liquid pairs. We need enough liquidity.

41:00 masterdubs:

As Fawkes said the main concern is liquidity, we can’t put all these different currency’s on there. We need to keep it simple. Euro and US dollar. We want to provide easy entry into the eco system.

The idea of Pirl is a all in one access. What’s app is on Facebook. PirlChat is independent there are no backdoors, that’s It, that’s all. Only you and the person on the other end. You will have to pay a little transaction, but the conversation is yours and nobody can hack it.

We’re an eco system with encrypted chat and storage, decentralized, video sharing, freedom of expression. PirlChat works with no server is used just the blockchain and the MasterNode network. It will work with smart contacts. What happens when Pirl Moons how much will the transactions cost? We’re already working on version 2 that will help with this problem making it even cheaper. Now we want to test it, so you can use it. Then we will upgrade it.

45:00 Fawkes:

We have more ideas that will be coming with PirlChat. We want to make it greater and cheaper. This will be something that will be maintained to be cheap and effective and fully encrypted.

45:45 masterdubs:

It will be a fixed fee for the PirlChat. The only thing you pay is gas. We have a mechanism in place to give it out for free. A message gets delivered as it’s mined. The first version will be very simple. It might be a little bit slow. We will upgrade it later.

Community contributions are always welcome.

We have a plan to help with adoption of the of PirlChat. This dApp will be a very good use case application. Everybody will be able to use it. We will keep upgrading it as needed.

51:00 Fawkes:

We’re moving into a time where we are monitored on everything we do. This is a raising concern. This will lead to a privacy crisis.

We will be ready.

PirlChat is something part of something bigger.

PirlChat will be available in the Playstore and iOs store. for all your support needs.

Spread the hash.

Thanks for everything

Over and out