Round Table 03.09.2019


Date: March 9, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


Start of meeting banter

This will be a quick meeting.

There is no official news this week.

3:00 Fawkes:

We’re pretty much in between development. A lot of things moving Besides launching new products we have to develop and deliver. So, we’re busy developing.

3:20 masterdubs:

We cannot just keep on announcing. The release of PirlEx will be before 2020, we don’t have the date yet. There will be something out this year. It’s very important for us to release PirlEx, to help provide something basic. For example, put your card on the app, buy some Pirl and send it to your Pirl wallet. We will do another round to apply for new exchanges with the new address.

5:00 Wracel:

It takes a long time to just get listed.

5:30 Fawkes:

Binance hasn’t been listing to many coins lately. They’re only listing projects from their launch pads. You need to be either close with them or they have invested interest in your company. This is a monopoly, something crypto shouldn’t allow. Lot’s of people I know and investment company’s I know of tried to get into many of these ICO’s from Binance and none of them got in. Something seems strange to me, this doesn’t seem right to me.

7:00 masterdubs:

Crypto was created against this type of system, no they changed it to be a classic system.

7:30 Fawkes:

This is not a Pirl statement, other guys from the team can share their thoughts.

7:35 Fawkes:

Personally, I think we need one good trading platform. Good platform means tools for the trader, good functionality, anything better than StEx and Cryptopia.

We need a platform that gives you the right tools needed for trading. The second thing we’re looking for is a good decentralized exchange. Decentralized exchanges are very nice. There is only a minority of people who will use them. Of course, PirlEx for easy entry. These are the three types of platforms we wish to be on in the future.

8:50 wracle:

If you’re in the top ten, the real top ten I think it’s good. The real list of the trading volume is very interesting. Don’t always believe what you see.

If we go for a good listing somewhere I hope it will be one of the good ones. Maybe not the top three.

9:30 Fawkes:

Everything is so fake in crypto is very worrying. Thing’s should change in the future. In terms of what trading platform, we want to be on volume isn’t everything. If we get a exchange with good tools there is a good change it will grow and also become a big one. Even with the top ones I think Bitrex is interesting. Kraken and Coinbase are a different type of exchange.

11:00 masterdubs:

I think we’re seeing less and less of people talking about Bittrex.

11:10 Fawkes:

Bittrex might be losing traction, it’s an older exchange it has stability and people know them. Currently there are not a lot of choice’s out there. Poloniex is listing but they don’t have a listing submission form. Q-coin is something nice. People use it. It’s very interesting. They have good exposure. We’re waiting to hear about Beaxy we have good relationship with them. As for marketing, we’re doing it all our self’s, making info graphics, updating docs, making content and more. We’re making the monthly overviews again. The rest that I can say about marketing is we’re developing more and more products each product will be marketed in its own way. Right now, we’re sticking to content marketing trying to keep everything up to date. Keep the information available. PirlGuard has helped. This is the real organic growth we’re looking for.

16:20 masterdubs:

Just a quick bomb, I got the papers for the company for Mauritius, I will release it soon. We have been developing some nice stuff for PirlChat. I have some stickers and some shirts, I think I will open some sort of shop. I will ship them to people I think. PirlPay is still in development. But you can still pay in Pirl for a T shirt.

PirlChat will be out soon.

Thanks to everybody.

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Miners please spread the hash.

Over and out,