Round Table 03.16.2019


Date: March 16, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


Start of meeting banter

5:00 masterdubs:

Welcomes community to the meeting.

There is going to be a change in the roundtables. We will now be doing the roundtables the first Saturday of every month. In-between the meeting we will make a over view of what we’re doing. This will be an easy way to follow the development.

6:00 Fawkes:

This change will give us more to share when we do have the meetings. We will have more questions gathered. It will be better to summarize the entire month. Getting to the meeting once a month is much easier than once per week.

7:00 masterdubs:

Yes! Having the meeting once per month is much better as a whole. It should give us good attendance as well as lots of new development and information will be delivered.

8:30 Fawkes:

Not a lot of questions this week. This is all good, we have been working toward our goals. Its time for development. We have gotten the incorporation documents for Pirl as a blockchain company. We will be doing another round of listing solution. We’re ready to re submit all around.

10:30 masterdubs:

You often see on social media postings from different exchanges saying do this and that to get listed. It’s often false information. It’s been over a year since we started Pirl we now know a lot about blockchain companies and the laws around them. We could almost open a law office!

Thanks to everybody for their support. We’re very close to 1000 MasterNodes.

13:00 Fawkes:

As for PirlApp its not quite ready for the outside world but we have will have some internal testing happening.

13:15 masterdubs:

The new PIrlApp will have the ledger integration. You can work with contracts. Ping us if you want to help test.

14:00 Fawkes

PIrlTube is still in beta, and it’s using the internal IPFS network called marlin in Pirl to upload and populate the videos. Therefore, when you upload a video the best practice is to watch the video to populate the network with the content. If there is an interruption with the upload or a problem or its just to fresh on the network, you can get freezing happening in the video. We will fix this problem for the official release.

PirlApp you won’t have to download the blockchain. It will also have Ledger integration.

19:00 masterdubs:

I wanted Ledger integration because I use it. It works very well. Ledger works very fast with PirlApp.

20:00 Wracul:

We haven’t pushed any marketing on the normal blockchain websites. We’re now entering a phase where we want to target the masses. Marketing on the blockchain streams is very expensive because of ICO’s. We want to focus on the real stuff. When our products get out of beta we will market in the places.

21:00 masterdubs:

I’ve spoken with other crypto coin company’s we all agree that many of the marketing company’s take your money and don’t deliver very much. We want real investors and real users.

22:00 Fawkes:

It’s not that YouTube ads are to expensive. We don’t want to market Pirl as a whole. We want to market each individual product when they launch.

22:45 Wracul:

Some stuff we’re thinking about are ad-words. As you know you must pay per word. Some words cost more for example encrypted chat will be cheaper than the word blockchain. There is a big difference in between the two.

24:00 masterdubs:

PirlApp is still in beta. If you want to help with the beta dm me and you can help report bugs.

26:00 MinerAllen:

Updates community on he plans to spend his time working on Pirl moving forward. Expect a lot more how to videos from him as well as more bounties from him.

27:00 masterdubs:

We cut out a lot of our channels on discord. We had way too many. You had to search everywhere to find something. We made it much simpler. We reduced it to the minimum. I hope this we help with faster response times.

28:30 Wracul:

The team is working on finishing/polishing products. The goal is to bring some key products out of beta. We need to clean up the website. PirlChat is live on some of the team’s phones. They’re testing the product.

29:00 Fawkes.

You guys know all the products we have been working on. We need to now polish them up. Get them ready for version 1.

30:00 masterdubs:

A reminder the roundtables will be the first Saturday of every month. We will get a good monthly overview written up. Once a month seems like enough.

The company is growing. We are trying to structure everything correctly step by step.

More people are talking about Pirl on twitter. This is the best marketing possible. Word of mouth is the best marketing. Please keep it up!

Spread the hash.

Thanks to everybody. Happy spring!!!!

See you first Saturday of April.

Over and out,