Round Table 04.06.2019


Date: April 6, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


Asks community for questions.

5:30 masterdubs:

PirlEx isn’t our priority at the moment. Right now, the focus is on other things. We’re trying to get everything polished up and working properly. We’re migrating the infrastructure to a cloud-based platform known as Google cloud for more stability.

6:00 Fawkes:

There have been comments from the community and the team about how we need to slow down and clean up our infrastructure and products. That’s what we’re working on. Trying to get at least one product ready for version 1. We really want to make them shine. We want to have them ready to be pushed out. We’re creating a new explorer. It’s clean up time! Fine tune time! Get everything past beta.

7:30 masterdubs:

A lot of stuff is going to be coming out of beta. This is a big part.

8:00 Fawkes:

We’re focusing on getting our foundation right. There will be new things, although the new focus is clean up as mentioned above.

8:45 masterdubs:

We’ve made a lot of development on the backend with the google migration. Phat has crashed it already! We did the real live test with it crashing then restarting everything in two mins. The masternode reports are on google cloud. The IP address has changed. We have made some improvements on PirlApp, we have made a connection with Ledger Nano, we have more improvements on the smart contract editors, we’re implementing a payment scheduler (monthly/weekly/daily payments scheduled.). The payment scheduler will be good for businesses. As for the website, we have a problem. Our website needs updating. We will make it easier to use. It will have a simple approach.

12:15 Fawkes:

In terms of our website it has great functionality, and some good information about the team. The site is missing some key content. There is info missing on product that we already have. We need to fix this. This is a top priority now.

13:40 PhatBlinkie:

In comparison to corporations. We developed different. We’re now re structuring. We have sellable performance models. We found our site very hard to navigate. We will have a more corporate, idea based, free flowing, and easy to use website. Way less cluttered.

14:45 Fawkes:

We want to showcase available products and what we’re really about. Like a sales page. We have other development.

15:25 masterdubs:

We have a new block explorer thanks to a community member. This is going to be the main explorer moving forward. It has great functionality as well as an API built in.

16:20 Fawkes:

Over the past month we have gained 63 new masternodes we’re very happy to scale the infrastructure. This is great for the project and our future.

The legal status for Pirl has changed we’re a blockchain company with a fintech licence under Mauritius. We are now legally compliant to list on exchanges. With these new docs we’re doing another round of applications and we’re applying to be listed on another exchange. We might have some new news for you soon😊

We’re looking for translators. If anybody can speak multiple languages let us know. We will be looking to translate the whitepaper and most of the PirlDocs. This also goes with development. If anybody has ideas or projects or tools. Feel free to help.

19:23 masterdubs:

About the development and speaking about Pirl. Expanse has integrated PirlGuard. This will be the 8th chain protected by PirlGuard.

About the exchange’s we will have some news. We can’t talk to much about it.

20:40 Fawkes:

So, next week you guys might hear about the new exchange. We know it will be a great tool for Pirl because it’s a great exchange and will be a game changer. There will be a lot of possibilities for the traders. You will be able to trade efficiently. You will feel secure when you’re trading. We have been working hard on this. We also want to list on a real decentralized exchange. Thank you for being patient. Once we’re listed on the exchanges we feel fit we won’t be settling for any low-quality exchanges. We will be denying them. We are only looking for tier 1 exchanges.

23:00 masterdubs:

This new exchange is very reliable with great customer service. Safety is a priority. We want the most reliable exchanges as possible.

We are building PirlChat. We’re looking for beta testers. The first 100 people to sign up will be added to the beta test.

26:00 Phatblinkie:

Some of you have been around for a long time and have seen the ‘ninja’ come around. Sometimes the ninja comes around and we have never ending beta or no real good plan in terms of how to release our new product. So PirlChat we’re going to scope down and really focus on it. We expect it to be a big release. This will be a cross platform.

28:00 Fawkes:

PirlApp has been in beta for a long time but it has been receiving a lot of attention. We will provide access to the latest version Ledger Nano with it. We have lots to add to it. It gives you more than a web wallet gives you. We want to make it secure and usable for you. PirlApp still needs some polishing but were getting there.

30:45 masterdubs:

Yup this is all part of it, step by step. We’re fixing it all. PirlApp will be the next step.

What I like about PirlChat is how private it is. This is a great tool that we will give you. We have no control over the content. We don’t want control. It’s for privacy.

32:15 Fawkes:

Most of the encrypted chats still have middleware, the middleware will collect your messages. Unlike PirlChat which uses the blockchain. It will be end to end encryption without middleware.

33:27 masterdubs:

Thanks to everyone who has signed up to help with the beta. For PirlChat it will only be messages. Later, we will add functionality. We will add functionality that the users want. Not what’s cool.

34:00 Fawkes:

With our masternode system we will be able to expand with the functionality. This is something that other blockchains will struggle with.

We want to be as close as possible to traditional apps whilst using the blockchain. Take back control and privacy etc.

We won’t be making any announcements prior to the real release. Everything before will be private beta and private testing. We will get this thing to shine. We want to get it good for the outside markets. We want to market products. PirlChat will be one of these products. We will be marketing outside the crypto-sphere. There will be an announcement when its ready for official release.

37:00 masterdubs:

I don’t know anything about Expanse at the moment. I talked to their dev briefly, that’s all. I see they are back up and running that leads me to believe they’re using PirlGuard.

How the encryption works won’t be released now. If you want the info on how the encryption works you can contact us privately.

38:45 PhatBlinkie:

We agree with PacketFlow in the sense if we’re going to say we offer private encryption then we must explain how we do it.

39:00 Fawkes:

There are a lot of possibilities with key exchanges. We will be welcoming all feedback. A great example is you can’t take screenshots this is blocked. We want to make this app very special. All the beta help would be great.

The idea of PirlEx is only to provide easy access to Pirl. The idea is to be able to buy directly to fiat. PayPal wont work. But other ways like credit card, debit card and bank. This is the idea so far. The idea is when people find out about pirl they just have to go to the website. Then use PirlEx to get Pirl directly. They don’t need to sign up to another exchange. Easy entry is important.

We develop, we look for new markets, we chase new markets. We have been trying to list on new exchanges. This will extend the reach of the project. We will be reaching more traders this way. We don’t know who is selling or who is buying. We just keep developing. The new exchange should be announced next week on social media.

44:00 masterdubs:

I would like to thank the team. We’re doing our maximum. I want to apologize if our response time is a little slow, we’re a small team. Thank you for your patients. We will improve step by step.

There are plans for automation in the future. To have something completely decentralized you need to make sure it works centralized first.

47:00 Fawkes:

If dubs dies. There is something called a deadman switch. There is another person who has access to mission critical systems.

48:00 masterdubs:

I’m really pleased to announce that I’m off to Malta blockchain conference. I got an invite from the organizer. May 23-24check it out