Round Table 05.04.2019


Date: May 4, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


Asks community for questions.

May 4, Round table 31.

8:00 masterdubs:

Welcome to the roundtable.

Ask’s community for questions.

As for the fork, I don’t want to go into details because other coins are still vulnerable with this attack. Basically, the attackers exploited a bug in git to delay the chain. It’s not a double spend. He tried to do that it didn’t work. On the other hand, we know who it is. We know his name and his address. He tried to extort Pirl. I will never pay anybody for ransom or racketeering or anything like that. We did some research and we solved the problem. That’s what we do. So, it’s a bug that’s now fixed. We forked but didn’t let anybody know the block number as we didn’t want to be taken advantage of. Five blocks before and five blocks after have to be mined by the dev pool so it will not split. So, each node now follows the right chain.

10:26 Fawkes:

The attacker made a grieving attack. It was targeted to the network. The purpose of this attack was possible attempts at a double spend through a 51% attack. PirlGuard stopped the 51% attack. He then tried to use the attack to use it against us as ransom. He would tell us the details and mechanisms in place that he used to do the attack on us. We didn’t partake. We won’t do that. We solved the problem our own way. The dev team solved the problem. We want to do things the right way. The attacker wanted money to stop the attack. We chose to do our own solution instead of working the attacker. We ended up getting his home address, telephone number, and everything on him.

12:50 masterdubs:

The five blocks were affecting the chain. But that’s the past. Now there isn’t a problem. We think he was mad that the 51% didn’t work. It was a good penetration test for us.

14:00 Fawkes:

He tried to attack us in all sorts of ways. We noticed a DDoS attack, a ghost, and a 51% attack. All attacks that could come to mind. We won’t post to much details about our fork. There will be many other coins that are vulnerable to this kind of attack, so we won’t be posting the mechanisms used. We need to keep the details secret. This is a new exploit. He was very creative.

16:49 masterdubs:

This is one of the reasons we built the dev pool. It will help monitor the chain. It’s important everyone monitors the chain. The goal for dev pool is not to make a profit. Pirl is smaller than Ethereum, maybe that’s why they attacked us. Some attacks happened to Ethereum.

We have introduced a new explorer (link). It’s stable and much better. It’s very nice. It is now in production. We have made a few bug fixes with PirlApp on the wallet side. We released PirlChat in beta for 100 people. People seem to enjoy and like PirlChat. Beta 2 we will add a few more people to it.

We also got listed on tx.bit exchange. What I like about this exchange is the fact that its community funded. It was started by @void. Thanks!

22:26 Fawkes:

We have now officially been through very hard times. This has been in a very long bear market. We have had many people come and go. This motivates us. People care about the project. We have you people behind our back. This is huge and very motivating.

@void has no mic to start speaking about his listing.

24:48 masterdubs:

What is the cost to use PirlChat? The cost to use PirlChat is the price of the gas. 0.00001. It’s very cheap. PirlChat won’t be open source. We need to protect ourselves.

25:30 Fawkes:

Some ICO’s fundraise millions of dollars. Then just take the opensource stuff developed by others and give them no credit. Whilst the people who developed the great product struggle to survive. Then the ICO’s just take the millions they made and put it into marketing. We have to protect our intellectual property. We love open source. We want to bring people to our network. We don’t want to give it away. We want to bring more users to Pirl. We want to bring users to blockchain tech. We want to change this. Therefore, we keep developing.

28:10 masterdubs:

I would like to thank @Mathias for helping with the dev pool. He implemented dark mode. Thanks!

We have also updated the Pool list to make it more dynamic.

I sent Cryptopia a email to update the nodes. We will wait on that.

29:51 Fawkes:

We have surpassed 1000 masternodes. This is very important for the network and the future. The scalability of this network is great. Our priority is to keep raising the incentive to own the masternodes. This opens huge possibility’s for functionality that many other coins cant touch in terms of functionality.

As for exchange lisiting tx.bit was a community effort. As well, we have been listed to be on in their third round. This is a new kind of exchange.

Poseidon has been upgraded to a more scalable infrastructure.

We also updated the node.

We were also fighting an attack for two weeks.

We managed to keep PirlChat on schedule.

33:00 masterdubs:

As for PirlPay, we hope to release it sometime this year. We have done lots of development on it, but there are still fixes that need to be done for mass production. Right now, it’s stable. We will continue to develop it. It’s still on track but it needs to be secure and stable.

As for CryptoBrige and getting listed on that exchange. The last time we checked they wanted seven bitcoins to get listed.

34:15 Fawkes:

We really want a decentralized exchange. CryptoBridge isn’t a decentralized exchange. The nice thing with Crypotbridge is you hold your key.

34:52 masterdubs:

At this time with current regulations, you will not be able to make a decentralized exchange with real fiat. Even dEx, that’s just the name of the exchange. It’s not decentralized.

35:15 Fawkes:

Dex is ran by ten delegates. Of the ten, six are owned by Binance and the other 4 are owned by Binance partners. So they have full consensus control. This has nothing to do with decentralization.

We are following a few projects that want to create a decentralized exchange. We will put our efforts into a decentralized exchange.
If anybody knows a good decentralized exchange. Please let us know. Feel free to give us suggestions.

38:15 masterdubs:

The storage masternode is still in development and not up and running yet. We’re a very small team. We’re still getting lots of things done. For example, we just started working on PirlChat, it’s already in beta, and the community is testing it. We will enable group chat as well. Group chat is very interesting. You will be able to take control of your data. This is very important to us. As for Chris from MinerPool, no he’s not dead, he updated the Pirl node.

@Rabbe had a good idea, he’s wanting PirlChat app on windows and ubuntu and/or a gateway through the browser so you could send files from desktop or phone directly. For now, we will just keep making PirlChat better.

44:30 Fawkes:

Thanks to the community for the feedback with PirlChat. Spread the word about PirlChat on twitter. #PirlChat.

Thanks for everything,

Over and out Numnah.