Round Table 06.06.2019


Date: June 6, 2019


  • The People

Meeting Agenda:

  • Complete transparency

  • The idea of the round table meetings is direct communication with the Pirl community.


Asks community for questions.

May 6 2019, Round table 31.

1:00 masterdubs:

Welcomes the Pirl community to the roundtable.

Last month was very busy. There were a lot of ups and downs. So I will just summarize:

We’re happy with the Cryptopia situation because it brought up a new way of doing things in the community. This is the carbon vote we implemented. This is cool, and nice, because it is the community voting on what they want done. This is something we want more of, we want the community to help make the decisions. If a coin is decentralized then the decisions need to be decentralized as well. Thanks to everybody who contributed to the vote. That’s really awesome.

In other community news, @void has now completed two community funded projects. One of the funded projects was MasterNodeOnline, this is really good for us because it will be a lot of exposure. Thanks to the community. If anybody has any ideas we will try to make it work, if you submit it.

About Cryptopia, we’re preparing for the fork. There are binaries that need to be published. The node has been updated. Everything will be ready.

We will also be listed on Cryptobridge. It’s a real Dex. Once Beaxy goes live then we will be in a great position in terms of exchanges.

4:45 masterdubs:

As you all know I went to Malta. I made some very interesting contacts. There will be some stuff coming down the pipe in the near future.

We have made big improvements with our oneclick for the MasterNode setup. I made some changes yesterday, so if you experienced any problems. They are now solved.

PirlApp and Poseidon have been updated. We’re building a one pager for the PirlChat website. We will also be updating the website. Making it much better. Right now it’s hard to tell what Pirl does or can do. This is a big problem. We need to catch people’s attention. We will also build a bot. This bot will be present everywhere. For example Discord, Poseidon, the website. People will be able to find out a lot just from asking the bot.

We want to focus on the new user that will come to Pirl. This will be the next marketing objective. Some of you see some work being done on PirlEx. We hope for the summer but no hard timeline.

8:00 void:

I just want to thank the community. We got on one exchange. it should soon be added to coin market cap this should be a boost. We also got added 000btc and Cryptobride.

9:30 Phatblinkie:

Thanks to @void, what void has been doing is what we would like other community members to be doing. Thanks! This is great.

9:47 masterdubs:

The new community involvement has been great the past few months. Thanks to the community.

As for advertising with MasterNodeOnline we want to advertise about PirlChat but we don’t want to push it before we’re ready. Once we’re ready we will do some advertising. We don’t want to waste resources. We also had to get the statistics changed on MasterNodeOnline. That’s now fixed.

You have seen the ninja in the Dev channel. We’re working on the fiat gateway. We will be able to exchange from Pirl to fiat then back. PirlEx will be like Coinbase but just for Pirl. It’s not ready yet.

As for new features for PirlChat. Nick has been working on the framework. Yes there will be new features. We will try to enable the images.

We will make the about page for PirlChat in the near future. Once we’re close to the final product.

There is a tutorial in the PirlDocs on how to use PirlChat.

14:30 masterdubs:

We plan on building a new web page dedicated to PirlChat. It will have a product description.

This is also what we plan on doing with our website and design and everything we do on one easy to find webpage.

15:00 masterdubs:

I went to Malta crypto conference. I made some good contacts with some exchange CEO’s, I will try to push it further. I also made some good contacts with a french community. Also a Baijing payment processing company that was very interested in Pirl. They have a banking license.

Lots of ICO’s were present at the conference. They just seemed to ask for money. It was quite incredible. They have no technology behind them and they ask for a ton of money. If you compare Pirl to that. We’re very advanced. This is why we just need a few little things to make this project all come together. We now have a good exchange. We want to polish what we have and make everything work correctly.

18:21 masterdubs:

There is a big community of miners from Russia. They are interested in Pirl, so one of the members wrote an article about PirlChat. I’ve talked with the guy who wrote the article. Thank you to him. It’s a very active community. Maybe we can get the website translated into Russian and other documents.

@phatblinkie is our stress tester. If you have a server and want to know the capabilities of it:)

21:00 numnah:

I helped out that guy in the Russian community. He’s really keen on Pirl. Link to article.

22:30 masterdubs:

We have contracted the website out. They are working on the design. Most of the content is already ready. We will make the template then push it for productions.

The fork will be happening sometime next week.

Any of the community wanting to contribute and make a video is welcome and appreciated!

26:00 noobspeak:

I will try to make another video for Pirl very soon. I will let my viewers know what Pirl has been up to. It would be nice to get a single spot where all of PirlGuard is protecting. There are maybe 8 different coins using PirlGuard. A spotlight on PirlChat and PirlGuard would be great. Maybe a video on Pirl getting back on WhatToMine. Most of the profitable coins on what to mine are protected by PirlGuard.

28:00 masterdubs:

One last note, remember don’t store your coins on an exchange.

Thanks to the community, thanks for the contributions.

Over and out