Manual Masternode Update to 1.8.27-damocles

The instructions are intended for Redhat or CentOS based VPS but should work on most major Linux distributions. You may have the need to adjust the firewall instructions to match the software software running on your VPS.
Login as root and update the system, then install dependencies:


(marlin now the same for both types) tags/1.8.27-damocles




Update with script from @phatblinkie if not want to do it all Manual


The update process

Stop the pirlnode service:

systemctl stop pirl

and stop the pirlmarlin service:

systemctl stop marlin

Download the premium masternode binaries


Download the content node binaries:


Move the main binary to /usr/bin/pirl For premium masternodes:

mv masternode-premium-1.8.27-damocles /usr/bin/pirl

For content nodes:

mv masternode-content-1.8.27-damocles /usr/bin/pirl

Move the marlin binary to /usr/bin/marlin For premium masternodes and content nodes:

mv marlin-1.8.27-damocles2.0 /usr/bin/marlin

To grant Permission:

chmod 0755 /usr/bin/pirl
chmod 0755 /usr/bin/marlin

Now reboot the vps.


Watch the masternode process synchronize with the blockchain:

journalctl -f

Once messages like the following are displayed, your masternode is now synchronized and contributing to the network.

  ########  masternode sending proof of activity to poseidon for block  3934695  please check for details  //  marlin-1.8.27-damocles2.0 #########

Monitoring We don’t encourage active access on the server. If, however, you wish to check the status, log into your server and issue the following command:

journalctl -f


Monitor the status of your masternode by checking the Poseidon Masternode Details page. A functioning node should appear as follows, although the version may be different than what is shown in the screen shot below.

In case synchronisation does not work follow these steps to remove the database:

  • First export the tokens:

    export MASTERNODE=fzeffz-zefzef-zefze-zefze-zefzef-zefzef <<<---YOUR TOKEN GOES HERE
    export TOKEN=zfzefezfzefzecfzegregkgeorgoerbvnijv <<<---YOUR TOKEN GOES HERE

that step above can also be done, if you have this file /etc/pirlnode-env, you can do:

. /etc/pirlnode-env && export MASTERNODE TOKEN
  • And then remove the database:

    pirl removedb

or the last resort way:

rm -rf /root/.pirl

Kind regards,


The Pirl Team