This guide will explain how you setup the:


Download here the PirlApp for MacOs:


Download here the PirlApp for Windows


Install the PirlApp

Go to the folder where you downloaded the PirlApp

guide on how to install PirlApp can be found here:

1.) PirlApp Windows install

2.) PirlApp macOs install

and run the installer.

Setup the PirlApp

Open the PirlApp:

The welcome screen:

Create the account for using the PirlApp

Fill in a password you want to use (and write it down somewhere for your self)

And hit create

And now we get the following error at the bottom off the screen

This is normal don’t worry!! you get this because there are no funds at the wallet, to pay for the gas you need to activate the contract.

and now we can fix this by sending an x amount to the wallet in this example we do 0.2 Pirl.

The first step is to copy the key/wallet address:

Now you go to your wallet and transfer 0.2 or any other amount you want to the key/wallet address we just copied

if you want to verify if the funds are in you can go to the explorer

and fill in the same key/wallet address we just copied and you will see this:

now we wait until the funds are in:

continue the creating of the account

we go back to the PirlApp ** DO NOT HIT CREATE AGAIN!!!** because this makes an extra key/wallet address and than it looks like this:

instead you press the first key/wallet address we want to activate, you also can see there are funds in now ;-)

After you press it you will be prompted to fill in the Username and the password we created earlier:

Press register and there we go we got enough gas to proceed now:

and then magic happens and we can go on:

Finally we now get this very sexy Dashboard and we are clear to go!!