This guide will explain how to download, setup and register your:


For granting the success of this operation, you will need these requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Download here the PirlApp for Windows Downloads
  • Download here the PirlApp for MAC Downloads
  • At least 0,25 PIRL (we will be sending 0,2 as an activation fee, required as a gas) at your Nautilus wallet, or any other wallet of your choice, even a wallet from exchange like Stex.


  • GO to the location where you just downloaded installation package for PirlApp
  • Unzip/Extract downloaded package to your desired destination
  • Take a look into downloaded unzipped folder and Search for PirApp.exe
  • Create your account right on the first screen by writing down your Password
  • Confirm password by rewriting him once more time and hit Create button
  • And Green Rectangle with an Key icon will pop up above an area where did you just put your password. Nice. This is your nameless Account
  • Click on the created account (don’t click on create button again) and fill down your Account name (For example “IamKing” or “Mickey”) and sign down by typing your Password again

  • If you write everything correctly, your account will be registered by your account name, but a red warning label will pop up in the lower section of your screen. Don’t worry, its ok. This error only lets you know that you have no funds in your app and you are low on gas, which is a need for successful running
  • Click on the Copy Address button right next to your created account or highlight it with Left mouse slide and use CTRL+C
  • Go into your Nautilus wallet (or any wallet you have some Pirl loaded in) and do a “registration” micro transaction
  • Manage to send PIRL into your wallet. I will show you how to do it from Nautilus Pirl Wallet. If you are in; hit Send
  • Use address you have copied for sending 0,2 PIRL from your Nautilus(or any) wallet into your PirlApp. Generate transaction and Send
  • Check if it is everything all right in your books and confirm with your password
  • Everything will be done in a few minutes, so take a break and relax for a while in your chair
  • * …3 minutes later and few blocks higher… * Yes, right now you can go to your PirlApp and Get in
  • Enter your Account and write down the Login name and password. Hit the Register button
  • Congratulation, you have just joined the future. Enjoy PirlTube and all that nasty stuff from PIRL which will be knocking on your browser soon!


Test.Object. 001 (Also know as Mickey Maler)