All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

Version Pre Beta 1.0.3-2

2019-01-30: Update and improvement of PirlApp & PirlTube from @Is_Nikolova

Windows: pre Beta 1.0.3-2

MacOs we are on: pre Beta 1.0.3-2


2018-10-29: Added Channel links to search results.

2018-10-30: Added progresses bars of video uploads.

2018-11-02: Added button for cancel playing the next video.

2018-11-02: Added hide/show menu options of APP with ‘alt’ key.

2018-11-02: Added auto-updater.

2018-11-09: Added a dynamic listing of the videos.

2018-11-13: Added a listener for key-enter event for search button.

2018-11-19: Added reload button and update edit page.

2018-12-06: Added new service compile/deploy smart contracts.

2018-12-06: Added set new cookie and updated terms of use.

2018-12-22: Added share buttons in video details page.

2019-01-14: Added new function - watch smart contract.


2018-10-31: Update functionality with double-click for play/pause video and could be more smoothly.

2018-10-31: Fixed the descriptions don’t go behind the suggested videos.

2018-10-31: Fixed timeline of video style.

2018-11-01: Fixed marlin stop in windows.

2018-11-02: Fixed problem with - text stays when reporting a bug.

2018-11-02: Put ‘Most Popular’ on top instead of starting category listings at the top.

2018-11-02: Fixed audio control function previous version audio control has when click to slider, now when we move slider . 2018-11-05: Fixed encoding problem with text of descriptions, tag or title.

2018-11-06: Fixed bug with no fire events from left new suggestion videos.

2018-11-06: Fixed balance update after tip and take confirmations.

2019-01-21: Fixed unique user-name register.



Version Pre Beta 1.0.3-1


Update and improvement of PirlApp & PirlTube from @Is_Nikolova


App Version:pre Beta 1.0.3-1


App Version:pre Beta 1.0.3-1


2018-10-07: Added text editor to description input at upload panel and edit panel.

2018-10-07: Added Greek and Macedonian languages.json.

2018-10-08: Uploading a custom thumbnail functionality.

2018-10-08: Added guest view for PirlTube (layout, page and video listing in guest view).

2018-10-09: Upgrade Tip contract functionality.

2018-10-12: Add help menu, change version.

2018-10-12: Add search video by user-name functionality.

2018-10-12: Added copy video’s unique key functionality and search by key of video functionality.

2018-10-17: Added MVC pattern.

2018-10-18: Added profile-image to list of videos and details video.

2018-10-19: Added pagination of list videos page.

2018-10-23: Added back-forward buttons to layouts.

2018-10-23: Added avatar to video-layout and route navigate to profile page.

2018-10-24: Added speed to video player.

2018-10-27: Added “Space-bar” hot key for play/pause functionality.


2018-10-08: Fixing tip functionality to display error in case “Wrong password!”.

2018-10-10:Optimize and fix errors messages.

2018-10-18: Sorted listing of videos by date (first factor) and likes (second factor)

2018-10-25: Fixing overlapping of the language the middle of description.

2018-10-25: Change “the subject sections to be click-able”.

2018-10-25: Fix thumbnail’s size.

2018-10-25: The new Suggestion function when watching a clip is scroll-able

2018-10-26: Fixed full screen the top tool bar is hide.

2018-10-27: Fixed bug with double upload same video.





Version Pre Beta 1.0.2

Update and improvement of PirlTube from @Is_Nikolova


App Version: Pre Beta 1.0.2


App Version: Pre Beta 1.0.2


2018-10-05: Add auto approve for upload and fix play video.


2018-10-05: Fix list all videos.