Poseidon first login

Nice we have the account created now we are going for the first time login, we have a few steps to follow to complete our account fill in your credentials and push the next button:

Next page you get the notification to enable two-factor authentication: click next and we can continue

At this page you have to make a decision which kind of two-factor authentication you prefer, either you chose to use:

1) Google Authenticator

Play store for Android

App Store for Iphone

2) sms notification

After you made your choice push Next,
below I show both options.

1) the Google Authenticator:

Choose the first option and push the Next button, you will get this page:

Scan the QR code with the Google Authenticator app, and in the app you will see Poseidon added like this:

Fill in the code to confirm the Google Authenticator setup.

And now you the next time you want to login you must use the token after you fill in your credentials.

2) sms notification

And now you fil in your phone number:

Press next and you should have received an sms with an Token,

this token you fill in here:

and then,
Welcome all done and setup:

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