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But first in short what is PirlGuard PirlGuard - Innovative Solution against 51% Attacks

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How PirlGuard works?

In order to disrupt the mechanics behind 51% attack that allows an attacker to be successful, we have deployed a core solution with a modified consensus algorithm that will defend our blockchain and many others in the near future from virtually all 51% attacks.

PirlGuard System

With the PirlGuard Protocol deployed the chances of an attack succeeding are vastly reduced. As we know once the attacker has created a longer chain through privately mining a separate chain they will then have to broadcast it to the network. Once the attacker opens their node for peering it will attempt to peer with rest of the nodes on the network, telling them that they are wrong. However, once this happens PirlGuard will drop the peer and penalize them by sentencing them to mine X amount of penalty blocks due to their un-peered mining. The amount of penalty blocks assigned depends on the amount of blocks that the malicious miner mined in private. The PirlGuard security protocol greatly deters attackers from attempting malicious peering giving the main network a much needed boost in security. This new security mechanism reduces the chances to approximately 0.03%.

Open Source

Pirl has so far contributed to blockchain by developing the first Ethash code based masternode network, the first private IPFS implementation running over a masternode network and is currently working on their own private encrypted blockchain storage solution. The PirlGuard Security Protocol will be added to our open source library along with the core of the project. At Pirl we are developing to revolutionize and streamline blockchain technology for the entire blockchain industry. This means our code will be available to anyone to study, educate, test, modify or apply towards their own blockchain network security against future 51% attacks.

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Here is the official announcement from the EGEM lead dev Riddlez666



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