Download stable binaries

All versions of Geth are built and available for download at

The download page provides an installer as well as a zip file. The installer puts geth into your PATH automatically. The zip file contains the command .exe files and can be used without installing.

  1. Download zip file
  2. Extract geth.exe from zip
  3. Open a command prompt
  4. chdir
  5. open geth.exe


Compiling pirl-node with tools from chocolatey

The Chocolatey package manager provides an easy way to get the required build tools installed. If you don’t have chocolatey yet, follow the instructions on to install it first.

Then open an Administrator command prompt and install the build tools we need:

C:\Windows\system32> choco install git
C:\Windows\system32> choco install golang
C:\Windows\system32> choco install mingw

Installing these packages will set up the Path environment variable. Open a new command prompt to get the new Path. The following steps don’t need Administrator privileges.

Please ensure that the installed Go version is 1.7 (or any later version).

First we’ll create and set up a Go workspace directory layout, then clone the source.

OBS If, during the commands below, you get the following message:

 WARNING: The data being saved is truncated to 1024 characters.

Then that means that the setx command will fail, and proceeding will truncate the Path/GOPATH. If this happens, it’s better to abort, and try to make some more room in Path before trying again.

C:\Users\xxx> set "GOPATH=%USERPROFILE%"
C:\Users\xxx> set "Path=%USERPROFILE%\bin;%Path%"
C:\Users\xxx> setx GOPATH "%GOPATH%"
C:\Users\xxx> setx Path "%Path%"
C:\Users\xxx> mkdir src\\pirl
C:\Users\xxx> git clone src\\community\pirl
C:\Users\xxx> cd src\\pirl\pirl
C:\Users\xxx> go get -u -v

Finally, the command to compile pirl node is:

C:\Users\xxx\src\\community\pirl> go install -v ./cmd/...