This guide will explain how to download, register, and backup your:


For granting the success of this operation, you will need these requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Download here the Nautilus Wallet Downloads
  • 10 Minutes of your time


  • As always, start with visiting our site and download your Nautilus

* Go for Windows version and wait till download will be done * Go into your download folder and locate the zipped folder * Unzip downloaded folder * Dive in and find Nautilus Wallet application file and run the installation. * Allow this installation in your Windows defender (Windows10) * Allow Nautilus wallet to communicate in your network( but not at airports and stuff; for your safety) * When the installation begins, wait for download manager until he reaches the last Block. This will take a while. * Create your Account by entering your password * Repeat your password as a verification * Read Nautilus instructions and make a note for yourself to create a backup of your wallet later * That’s it my friend. You are in. * Don’t forget to backup your wallet. Its the only way how to restore your wallet. * Go to File/Backup/Accounts and copy paste everything you find there into a safe place. You can USB Flash Drive or External HarDisk and keep it safe, offline and away of your computer * Go to File/Backup/Application data and do the same here.



Test.Object. 001 (Also know as Mickey Maler)