This Kb article will explain how to send Pirl from your Ether wallet to another address of your choosing. There are many ways to access your Ether wallet. View with address only, Meta mask/mist, Ledger wallet, TREZOR, Keystore JSON File, Mnemonic Phrase and Private key. We will be Accessing our wallet through the Private key option for this article. Please note this option is not the most secure way to store your Pirl coins and therefore is not recommended. MyPirlWallet does not hold your keys for you. We cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passwords, nor reverse transactions. Protect your keys & always check that you are on correct URL.

You are responsible for your security.

How to send Pirl from Ether web wallet

  1. Go to .If you haven’t created a wallet already click [here](). If you have created a wallet using the private key function and want to learn how to send a Pirl coin continue.

  1. Click Send Ether & Tokens.

  1. Click on the Private key option.

  1. Enter your private key that you have safely stored.
  2. Click Unlock.

On this page please note on the right-hand side, your account address, account balance and transaction history.

  1. Enter the address you want to send the Pirl to
  2. Enter the amount of Pirl you want to send
  3. Click Generate Transaction

  1. Click Send transaction

  1. Click Yes, I am sure! Make transaction (If you have made a mistake this is your last chance click NO, get me out of here!) That’s it.

Check your transaction via PirlExplorer

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Mission Complete!

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