This article in the PirlDocs explains how to send one Pirl coin from your PirlNautilus wallet to a PirlPoseidon wallet address.


You can send your coins to a Trezor hardware wallet or a MyPirlWallet.
Just make sure to send your coins to a wallet or exchange that accepts Pirl.

Never store your coins on an exchange.

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How to send Pirl from PirlNautilus wallet to a wallet of your choosing

Open your PirlNautilus wallet.

  1. Click the send button.

  1. Enter the wallet address you want to send the Pirl to.

  2. Enter the amount of Pirl you want to send.

  3. Click send.

  1. Enter your account password.

  2. Click send.

  1. Go to back to the main wallet account and wait for 12 conformations.

  2. Done! Pirl sent.